10% Studentenkorting

10% Studentenkorting

bij DJI

Over deze studentenkorting

Verken de wereld vanuit een nieuw perspectief met een DJI-product!

Activeer met Student Beans 10% studentenkorting bij DJI.

Met onze DJI studentenkortingscode krijgt u bij de kassa 10% korting op uw bestelling.

  1. Students may not use discounts for newly released products. For more information on which products are eligible, please refer to

  2. Students can apply their Educational Discounts to up to five different products per order. However, only one unit per product is eligible. For example, if you order a Mavic Air and a Spark, both qualify for the discount. But if you order two units of the Mavic Air, only one qualifies. If more than five items are being purchased, then the discount will only apply to the five most expensive.

  3. Students can use one coupon per order. However, each coupon can be used twice for different orders.

  4. All coupons are set to expire on Nov 15, 2019.

  5. Students may apply for a discount every three months.

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