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Lenovo FAQs


What's the best student laptop? 

Instead of searching for a universally perfect laptop for all students, Lenovo recommends you to focus on finding the ideal laptop by considering your specific needs in the various categories mentioned below.
Students who primarily work within their dorm room may find a desktop PC or even a workstation more suitable. However, some students accustomed to using touchscreens for their creative projects, might opt for a Yoga, (2-in-1 devices that function as both a laptop and a tablet). Laptops that are super portable, making them ideal for a range of activities such as taking in-class notes, conducting library research, and executing scientific fieldwork (not to mention streaming movies, scrolling on TikTok, or editing photos for Instagram), Lenovo recommends Netbooks and Chromebooks; however, their compact size may limit their usability for students who require extensive daily studying. Find out more here.


Laptop VS Tablet, what's best for me? 

Here are some factors to consider when making a choice:

  • Performance: Laptops generally offer a higher level of performance compared to tablets, making them better suited for tasks requiring more computing power, such as multitasking, running complex applications, or programming.
  • Portability: Tablets are typically lighter and more compact than laptops, making them easier to carry around campus. If portability is a major concern, a tablet might be a better option.
  • Functionality: Laptops usually come with a physical keyboard, which can make typing easier and more comfortable, especially for lengthy assignments or notes. Tablets can be paired with external keyboards, but the typing experience may not be as seamless.
  • Battery life: Tablets often have longer battery lives than laptops. If the student needs a device for extended periods without access to power outlets, a tablet could be more suitable.
  • Software: Laptops have a broader range of software options and tend to be more compatible with various programs compared to tablets. Students who need specific software or applications for their studies should check for compatibility with their chosen device.
  • Budget: Tablets are generally more affordable than laptops. However, considering a laptop's enhanced capabilities, if the budget allows, students may find a laptop more versatile and valuable in the long run.
    With that in mind, Lenovo has a wide range of 2-in-1s that is the perfect combination of both devices.


Can I get a gaming laptop under £/€1000? 

If you're a gaming enthusiast with a limited budget, Lenovo has a range of  gaming laptops under £1,000 that offers all the most desired features.
The Lenovo Legion Y530, a 15-inch gaming laptop, has been meticulously crafted to excel as an exceptional portable gaming platform, with a starting price of only £750. This budget-friendly device comes equipped with all the necessary components for a confident gaming experience, housed within a durable chassis that features a full-size backlit keyboard and a cooling system designed to handle extended gaming sessions. Furthermore, you have the option to upgrade to Intel Core i5 CPU and the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 GPU while remaining within your £1,000 budget.


How to customize my own laptop? 

Almost all laptop manufacturers provide the option to configure new devices with bespoke processors, displays, hard drives, and other elements as per the buyer's preferences. Personalizing a laptop can be an excellent choice for individuals who believe that existing preconfigured models do not fulfill their specific requirements.
Search for devices with the "Customize and Buy" message next to it.

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