cosy dorm room
cosy dorm room

What Are Gen Z’s Top Ten Decor Trends?

Number 6 might surprise you.

Each year before settling into their accommodation, we found two thirds of students spend up to $200 on the perfect dorm room decor. A further fifth even splurge over $200 on homeware.

But how are they using this cash to decorating their space?

The top ten college dorm room decor trends for students

  1. Minimalism — focusing on the bare essentials, with decor including clean lines and monochromatic palettes.
  2. Scandi — similar to minimalism, Scandi uses wood and soft textures to create a clean looking living space.
  3. Cottagecore — a romantic decor trend which makes use of rustic touches and furniture.
  4. Industrial — identified by its unrefined and stripped back look, think pipes and bricks.
  5. Shabby Chic — distressed decor which shows the wear and tear of a much-loved piece.
  6. Coastal Grandmother — big on TikTok, it’s all about embracing what makes a house feel like a home.
  7. Art Deco — a rich color palette, big use of geometry, and decadent detailing.
  8. Bohemian — colorfully eclectic, boho decor often has a global inspiration.
  9. Maximalism — go big or go home by fully embracing color, patterns, and textures.
  10. Cluttercore — a curated decor of meaningful pieces displayed in a mismatched appearance.

Need some dorm room wall decor ideas? Stay away from college merch, faux ivy walls, or peel and stick wallpaper — students have labelled these as their least favorite decor pieces. Instead, opt for personal photos, mood lighting, and homely potted plants.

Gen Z’s top five favorite decor pieces

  1. Photos taped to the wall
  2. LED lighting
  3. Fairy lights
  4. Framed personal photos
  5. Potted plants

Gen Z’s least favorite decor pieces

  1. Empty alcohol bottles on display
  2. College football merch
  3. College flags
  4. Faux ivy walls
  5. Peel and stick wallpaper

For some dorm room inspo, check out Emily Rayna’s interior design take on cute dorm room decor that marries effortless style with handy storage. We think she should have added a coffee station though.

As well as buying cute dorm room decor, don’t forget your dorm room essentials!