Get Paid $1,000 To Binge Watch ‘Full House’

“Everywhere you look, there’s a heart…”

We know getting paid to watch television sounds like a dream job, but getting paid to watch a wholesome family sitcom from the ’90s like Full House? Yeah, sign us up.

In honor of the 35th anniversary of the show, Choice Mutual is looking for one lucky fan to sit and watch 10 hours of Full House. Plus, they’re going to pay you $1,000 for the gig. The catch? You only have 24 hours to complete the assignment.

You Got It, Dude

“This year’s anniversary takes on special significance as it’s the show’s first anniversary since the tragic passing of Bob Saget,” Choice Mutual said. “Bob’s impact on the show and the world is immeasurable, and he is sorely missed.”

That’s why Choice Mutual is looking for a Full House super-fan to binge their 10 favorite episodes.

How To Apply

The lucky winner will have to document their 10-episode binge on social media in order to be eligible for the cash prize. You’ll also have to fill out the application, explain why Full House is your favorite show, and provide your social media handles.

Although video submissions are not required, they’re highly encouraged. Applications are due September 6 at 8 P.M. EST.

Ready to apply? Click here!

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