Get Paid To Vacation In The Caribbean For A Whole Month

Roll your vacation and summer job all into one dream experience. 🏖️

Summer is almost here, which means plenty of people are planning their travel, trying to find a job, or both. But one hotel in the Caribbean is ready to solve both of your dilemmas at the same time.

You could be a social media content creator by staying at a luxury hotel in Aruba for an entire month. Think you’re qualified? Apply ASAP!

What You’ll Do

Boardwalk Boutique, a 5-star hotel in Aruba, needs your help this summer. The hotel is looking to hire someone to help them with their social media for a month.

The job will require you to take pictures and videos to show off the incredible features of the hotel. Specifically, Boardwalk Boutique wants you to highlight their “barefoot luxury” and “off-the-beaten-path adventures,” which include two pools and a spa.

As if that wasn’t enough incentive, the hotel will cover your airfare, provide you with a rental car during the entirety of your stay, and comp all of your meals. You’ll also have full access to the hotel, including staying in different rooms (and private villas) on the property.

How To Apply

If you’re already packing your bags, it’s time to send in your application. Check out this Instagram post from Boardwalk Boutique to find out how to apply.

Applications are due June 2

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