These TikTokers Are Teaching Sex Ed Better Than You Ever Learned In School

🎶 Let’s talk about sex, baby 🎶

It’s become increasingly clear than Gen Z feels a huge gap between the sex education their getting in school and the actual questions they have when it comes to intimacy. So what is an entire generation of young adults going to do? What they usually do—turn to TikTok.

Sex ed influencers are some of the most popular accounts on TikTok right now due to the fact that they’re answering the questions Gen Z is actually facing. Whether you’re new to relationships, looking for representation, or just want the facts, here are five sex-positive accounts worth following.

1. Dr. Staci Tanouye (@dr.staci.t)


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Dr. Tanouye is a board-certified OB/GYN along with being a sexual health educator on TikTok. She covers topics from masturbation to vaginal health, along with things like how to properly do a breast exam.

If you’re looking to dispel any misinformation you might have heard over the years, she’s the doctor to check out.

2. Katie Haan (@itskatiehaan)

Katie Haan isn’t a doctor, but she is a well-known sex educator. Her main goal? Give TikTok users the sex education she wished she had gotten in school.

As a peer-led sex advocate, she covers a wide range of topics like homoerotic friendships and her own personal story of getting an IUD. She calls herself, “your TikTok big sis.”

3. Doctor Carlton (@doctorcarlton)

Doctor Carlton is actually a gastroenterologist but has become the self-proclaimed, “CEO of Backdoor Stuff” on TikTok. Teaching his followers about topics like Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) to help reduce the risk of HIV infections, Doctor Carlton is helping to shed a light on representation in sex ed.

His message is always to, “get checked where you play.” He also notes many doctors aren’t trained to check for infections and diseases from gay sex, hoping his sex ed will help more people get proper treatment.

4. Dr. Jennifer Lincoln (@drjenniferlincoln)

Dr. Lincoln is also a board-certified OB/GYN whose main goal is education about birth control and vaginal health. She has no problem going toe to toe with misogynistic opinions, dispelling birth control myths, and advocating for pro-choice rights.

A recent topic Dr. Lincoln has been investigating and informing her viewers on is the COVID vaccine and if it has any possible effects on pregnancy.

5. Tessy Vanderhaeghe (@yes.tess)

Advocating for a better, more complete sex ed program in schools, Tessy Vanderhaeghe is here to cover it all. One of her primary goals is working toward more inclusivity around discussions of safe sex.

Other topics Vanderhaeghe educates on are genital hygiene, virginity, birth control, and everything in between. If you have a question, she’s probably answered it.

It’s never been more important to advocate for your own health. Get all the facts about why so many Gen Z’ers feel so lost when it comes to sex ed.