These Are The Best Cities To Visit For A Sustainable Vacation

Travel the world without hurting it in the process. 💚

Since April 22 is Earth Day, we thought it would helpful to show Mother Nature some extra love, just in time for summer. As you’re planning your summer getaways, keep in mind that excess travel can have a huge environmental strain. But that doesn’t mean you have to just sit at home!

The following cities are the most sustainable locations to visit, both domestically and internationally. By choosing one of these, you’re reducing your carbon footprint and seeing someplace new, all at the same time.

International Destinations

10. Vienna, Austria

  • Where to go: Schönbrunn Palace
  • What to eat: Apfelstrudel (apple strudel)

9. Gothenburg, Sweden

  • Where to go: Slottsskogen City Park
  • What to eat: Fika (coffee and cinnamon rolls)

8. Zurich, Switzerland

  • Where to go: Swiss National Museum
  • What to eat: Cheese fondue

7. Stockholm, Sweden

  • Where to go: The Royal Palace
  • What to eat: Kjøttboller (meatballs)

6. Helsinki, Finland

  • Where to go: Suomenlinna
  • What to eat: Grillimakkara (grilled sausages)

5. Munich, Germany

  • Where to go: Marienplatz
  • What to eat: Brez’n (pretzel)

4. Trondheim, Norway

  • Where to go: Nidaros Cathedral
  • What to eat: Trondheimssodd (sweet rice soup)

3. Graz, Austria

  • Where to go: Schloßberg
  • What to eat: Steirisches backhendl (Styrian fried chicken)

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Where to go: Van Gogh Museum
  • What to eat: Stroopwafels

1. Rotterdam, Netherlands

  • Where to go: Euromast
  • What to eat: Oliebol (fried donut hole)

North American Destinations

10. Baltimore, Maryland

  • Where to go: National Aquarium
  • What to eat: Crab cakes

9. Ottowa, Canada

  • Where to go: Parliament Hill
  • What to eat: Maple bacon donuts

8. Montréal, Canada

  • Where to go: Notre-Dame Basilica of Montréal
  • What to eat: Poutine

7. Halifax, Nova Scotia

  • Where to go: Halifax Public Gardens
  • What to eat: Donair (spiced beef roll)

6. Seattle, Washington

  • Where to go: Pike’s Place Market
  • What to eat: oysters

5. New York City, New York

  • Where to go: Central Park
  • What to eat: New York-style pizza

4. Washington, DC

  • Where to go: The National Mall
  • What to eat: Half-smoke (beef and pork sausage)

3. Boston, Massachusetts

  • Where to go: Fenway Park
  • What to eat: Lobster roll

2. San Francisco, California

  • Where to go: Golden Gate Bridge
  • What to eat: Ghirardelli Chocolate

1. Vancouver, British Columbia

  • Where to go: Stanley Park
  • What to eat: Japadog (Japanese-style hot dog)

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