8 Essentials To Live A More Sustainable Life

Shopping for sustainable products shouldn’t be difficult.

Trying to navigate the world of sustainable and ethical shopping can be complicated. It’s not as easy as everyone thinks it is. With companies greenwashing their sustainability efforts, it’s hard to know what’s true and what isn’t. Thankfully, there are brands out there that are really making an effort.

We’ve rounded up products from brands like Starface World, Thinx, and more that are 100% sustainable, vegan, cruelty-free, or all of the above! Plus, you’ll be eligible for that sweet student discount from all the products we’ve found.

1. Thinx Classic Hi-Waist — $35.00

Ladies, have you ever thought about the amount of disposable feminine hygiene products we use every month? But what are you supposed to do to help curb all the pads and tampons you throw away? Thankfully, Thinx has the solution.

Thinx designed period underwear that can absorb up to five regular tampons worth of your flow. With just one pair, think of the number of disposables you won’t be using every month! Not to mention they were voted the best all-around underwear by People for 2023.

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2. Thinx Sleep Shorts — $50.00

Thinx also makes sleep shorts with built-in reusable period undies! These shorts have the highest absorbency (five regular tampons worth) to ensure no overnight bleed-throughs. But we can definitely say they’re comfy enough to wear to bed every night. Plus, they have pockets!

Aside from not having to use disposable feminine hygiene products, the sleep shorts also help with odor control. And because they’re machine washable, all you have to do is wash and reuse.

Save $10 when you spend $35 at Thinx with Student Beans

3. Tentree Hemp Stem Hem T-Shirt — $50.00

Tentree really does the maximum effort when it comes to sustainability. As their company name implies, every item you buy plants 10 trees across the country. And there’s no greenwashing here—they’re 100% sustainable.

The fabric in this t-shirt uses 55% hemp, which requires virtually no pesticides or irrigation to grow. And the other 45% is recycled polyester!

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4. Girlfriend Collective RIB Devon Compressive Cami — $48.00

Did you know workout gear can be sustainable, too? Girlfriend Collective is on a mission to give you the best clothes to work out in, all while reducing waste (and looking cute, too).

The fabric in this cami uses 79% recycled plastic bottles. Plus, Girlfriend Collective also has a recycling program. Simply mail your unwanted clothing back to them and receive a $15 credit towards your next purchase in return!

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5. Allbirds Tree Dasher 2 — $135.00

Yep, even shoes can be sustainable! Allbirds has designed all kinds of shoes (from running to everyday wear) that all have incredibly low carbon footprints. You can even see the carbon footprint of every shoe on their website.

All the materials in Allbrids’ shoes are sustainable thanks to regenerative agriculture. Even the shoe laces use recycled plastic bottles, too!

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6. H&M Dinosaur-Theme Repair Patches — $12.99

Even fast fashion brands like H&M are one of the most sustainable clothing companies on the market right now. They even have an entire line of products dubbed “H&M Care” to help you repair clothing in order to get more use out of it.

H&M also has a clothing recycling program. Simply bring any unwanted clothes or textiles (of any brand!) to an H&M store and get a thank-you coupon in return. They even have a clothing rental program if yo only need an outfit for one night!

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7. Rothy’s The Lightweight Tote — $179

Don’t worry about finding a sustainable bag, either. Rothy’s has designed some of the cutest totes, all while being sustainable at the same time.

The Lightweight Tote uses marine plastic from 30 different waterways. The signature Rothy’s thread is made from recycled plastic bottles. Plus, the company factories were LEED Gold Certified in 2022.

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8. Organic Basics Heavy Cropped Sweat — $75.00

Sometimes you just want a simple fit, right? Enter Organic Basics. Your everyday wear shouldn’t be giving you sustainability stress.

The fabric is made from 100% organic cotton, is PETA Vegan Approved, and is totally ethically made. Organic Basics also offers carbon-neutral shipping worldwide.

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This post is a sponsored post in partnership with Thinx.