This Hack Will Get You Tickets to Any Sold-Out Concert

Snagging tickets to the Eras Tour became much easier.

If you’re one of the millions of people trying to see Beyoncé or Taylor Swift anytime soon, you’ll relate to the frustration of trying to snag tickets. With most people getting waitlisted for the newest leg of the Eras Tour, actually getting to see your favorite perform feels impossible, right?

But thanks to one savvy TikTok user, you might be able to get some pretty incredible tickets to sold-out shows. The best part? You won’t be spending nearly as much as you think.

How it Works

One Beyoncé fan decided to head to the Renaissance concert in New Jersey—without any tickets. The show was sold-out, but she still managed to legally get tickets to the show at the very-last minute.

At 9:05 p.m. on the night of the show, she managed to secure tickets and see Beyoncé take the stage moments later for only $400 (which is much cheaper than what the average ticket is selling for). She dubbed the phenomenon “lucky girl syndrome,” and it all boils down to being patient.

Why it Works

Essentially, it’s like playing chicken with the ticket resellers. The closer it gets to showtime, the more eager they’re going to be to unload their tickets. Thus, prices begin to drop drastically.

The keys to getting those sold out tickets?

  1. Be just a little bit delusional
  2. Refresh the Ticketmaster app as much as possible
  3. Understand that it’s a waiting game

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