Save Up To 30% On Thanksgiving Groceries By Switching To This Store

Throw it back like it’s 2019.

Let’s be real for a second—inflation is a nightmare right now. As of September 2022, the inflation rate on food was at 11.2%. In other words, everything is really freaking expensive right now.

Thankfully, one grocery chain is hoping to ease the burden of the cost of a holiday meal this year. Aldi recently announced that they’re introducing the Thanksgiving Price Rewind to make your dollar stretch even further this year.

Shop Smart

Starting on November 2, Aldi is having a plethora of Thanksgiving and holiday foods on sale thanks to their Thanksgiving Price Rewind. The select items will marked with pre-COVID prices (i.e. 2019), allowing you to pay what they would have cost three years ago.

“Providing amazing products at the absolute lowest prices is what we’ve always done, and we know right now that’s more important than ever,” said Dave Rinaldo, president of Aldi US.

How It Works

Certain holiday foods will be marked with a 30% discount, bringing the prices down to approximately what they would have been in 2019.

The prices will be lowered from November 2 through November 29. On average, the prices of the Thanksgiving items will be what they would have been from November 2-29, 2019.

What To Get At Aldi For Thanksgiving

Plenty of items are eligible for the Thanksgiving Price Rewind. Be sure to grab some of the following for your Thanksgiving feast this year:

  • Wine
  • Brown and serve rolls
  • Cornbread stuffing
  • Macarons
  • Apple Pie
  • Appetizers
  • Desserts
  • Sides

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