Your Pet Could Earn You a Whopping $10,000

Working like a dog. 🐶

Is your pup the cutest ever? Or maybe your cat is so adorable, they deserve their own Instagram. Instead of just posting the endless photos and videos you take of your furry pal on your own social media, why not get paid to show them off?

PetSmart is looking to hire for a brand-new role, but it’s not for humans. That’s right, for the first time ever, the company is hiring a Chief Toy Tester. The best part? You’ll make $10,000 in the process!

What You’ll Do

If selected, your pet will become one of the official Chief Toy Testers for PetSmart. Your dog or cat will be testing out new toys and products, all while you document the process on social media.

Your pet will need to be able to try tasty treats, play with new toys, and be able to interact with other humans and pets at PetSmart events. The contract will last for one year, so you’ll need to be committed for the entire time to be eligible.

What You’ll Win

The perks for this job are no joke. Aside from getting the $10,000 prize, your pet will also receive monthly toy and treat deliveries along with salon visits every quarter.

You and your pet will also be PetSmart VIPs and get to make appearances at select events around the country! There’s two positions open, so submit your cat or dog as an applicant by following the instructions below.

How To Enter

If you think your pet is perfect for the role, then you’re going to want to apply ASAP. Head on over to to submit your entry. You’ll need to include a 10-30 second clip showing why your furry friend is the pet they should pick.

Applications are due February 17.

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