Netflix Is Looking For a Superstar Flight Attendant

Coolest post-graduation job ever.

Netflix does a heck of a lot more than streaming nowadays. The streaming giant has decided to branch out into an entirely new business venture—airlines.

After recently acquiring their own private airline operator, Netflix is looking for employees to help staff the sky. Plus, you’d get to meet some pretty A-list celebs in the process.

Job Requirements

One of the most pressing hires Netflix is hoping to make with regards to their new airline is flight attendants. Here are the basic requirements needed for the job:

  • FAA-certified and trained flight attendant (click here to find more info on how to get your certification), specifically working on super-midsize jets
  • Perform pre-flight checks
  • Prep emergency equipment
  • Help with baggage loading
  • Work a diverse schedule of domestic and international flights

The position is also based out of northern California, specifically San Jose.

VIP Flyers

Of course, since you’re working with a giant company like Netflix, you’re bound to have some pretty incredible guests flying with you. That means you’ll be held to a certain level of discretion and professionalism, but we think you’d be able to handle it.

The starting salary is anywhere from $60,000 all the way to $385,000! It depends on your level of experience, naturally. But if there was ever a time to get certified as a flight attendant, it’s now!

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