Best National Frozen Yogurt Day 2023 Deals: Free Froyo, Toppings & More

Serve up some soft serve this February. 🍦

The winter months can be pretty tedious, so we’re always looking for something to celebrate. Even if the weather is cold, we’ll take any excuse to eat some frozen desserts. Does free froyo sound good to you? Yeah, us too!

National Frozen Yogurt Day is 1. a real thing, and 2. coming up soon! Plus, plenty of froyo spots are doing all kinds of delicious deals to celebrate. Find a store near you and treat yourself!

What Is Frozen Yogurt/Froyo?

As the name implies, frozen yogurt is just that—frozen yogurt! More specifically, it’s a dessert similar to ice cream with the base being frozen yogurt instead of cream. Other ingredients and flavors are often added to it.

It’s overall flavor is more tart than ice cream due to lactic acid being present. It also contains live cultures (probiotics), thus giving it more health benefits than regular ice cream.

Does Frozen Yogurt Have Dairy In It?

Most frozen yogurt does have dairy in it since it’s created from a milk base. There are, however, plenty of alternatives out there that can be both dairy and sugar free.

If you do have any sensitivities to lactose or milk, be sure to check the ingredient list before grabbing a bowl.

National Frozen Yogurt Day 2023 Date

National Frozen Yogurt Day 2023 is Monday, February 6. The holiday is celebrated on February 6 every year, regardless of what day of the week it is.

Coupons & Promos For National Frozen Yogurt Day 2023

Frozen yogurt chains around the country are getting their coupons ready for February 6. Some of the promos we’ve already spotted include:

Where Can I Get Free Froyo?

Plenty of froyo shops are offering deals and discounts to help celebrate National Frozen Yogurt Day. Scroll to find a shop near you to get free froyo!


The Country’s Best Yogurt, otherwise known as TCBY, already has their National Frozen Yogurt Day deal listed. On February 6, you get your first six ounces of yogurt completely free!

If you’re careful not to go over, you can get a whole serving of frozen yogurt without paying anything. See if there’s a TCBY near you by clicking here.


While Pinkberry hasn’t announced their deals just yet, you know they’re going to serve up some kind specialty for the holiday. They are currently offering a Ruby Chocolate Tart Frozen Yogurt flavor for Valentine’s Day, though.

Click here to find your nearest Pinkberry location.


Yogurtland is doing a BOGO promo for National Frozen Yogurt Day on February 6. Simply buy one and get one free in honor of the dessert-based holiday. Plus, you’ll earn triple rewards points if you go in for yogurt that day.

Find your nearest Yogurtland location here.

Orange Leaf

Orange Leaf hasn’t revealed how they’re celebrating National Frozen Yogurt Day just yet. Keep an eye on their social media pages leading up to February 6 to see what they reveal!

Click here to see if there’s an Orange Leaf near you.

Red Mango

Red Mango also hasn’t announced their plans for National Frozen Yogurt Day yet. The popular froyo franchise has, however, expanded to include a wide variety of items in recent years. So even if frozen yogurt isn’t your favorite, there’s bound to be something on their menu to enjoy!

Looking for a Red Mango near you? Click here to find your nearest location.


Menchie’s is ready for National Frozen Yogurt Day! Similar to Yogurtland, they’re also doing a BOGO deal for February 6. When you buy one frozen yogurt from Menchie’s, you’ll automatically get one free.

Find your nearest Menchie’s store by clicking here.

Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream & Yogurt

Since Handel’s is primarily known for their ice cream, their froyo deal for National Frozen Yogurt Day is still in the works. But in the meantime, you can definitely still grab a scoop of regular ice cream if you’re craving something sweet.

Click here to find a Handel’s near you.

Sweet Frog

Sweet Frog hasn’t announced their National Frozen Yogurt Day deals just yet. They did, however, celebrate National Decorating with Candy Day on February 1, so there’s bound to be something special coming!

Find a Sweet Frog near you by clicking here.

Best Places To Get Frozen Yogurt

There are quite a few frozen yogurt franchises all around the US, but these tend to be the top five when it comes to flavor:

  • TCBY
  • Menchie’s
  • Yogurtland
  • Orange Leaf
  • Sweet Frog

Best Store-Bought Frozen Yogurt Brands

If you don’t have a self-serve frozen yogurt shop near you, you can always grab some at the grocery store! While just about every ice cream company does some version of forzen yogurt now, these are the best brands to check out:

  • Kemps
  • Ben & Jerry’s
  • Friendly’s
  • Noosa
  • Yasso

What’s The Difference Between Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream?

While both of these delicious desserts contain dairy and sugar (typically), there are some key differences.

First, frozen yogurt uses cultured milk as the base. Ice cream uses cream. Frozen yogurt is usually marketed as being healthier since it’s generally lower in fat and calories.

Frozen yogurt can, however, sneak in plenty of extra sugar. Be sure to swirl wisely!

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