Improve Your Credit Score By Following This TikToker’s Simple Steps

If your credit sucks, this TikToker has all the advice you need on how to rebuild your score.

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Let’s face it, you just don’t learn about credit and important finance stuff in school. Luckily, TikTok user Keyla Katz (@ikeyli) has got us covered. Her account is full of helpful videos on how to rebuild your credit score and breaking down tricky financial terms that you may not understand and basically her account is a must-follow for all students.

If you think that scrolling through TikTok all day means you won’t learn anything useful, you can think again as by following these 5 simple steps in her video you’ll be able to improve your credit score over time.

Rebuilding credit can be hard and can take time, so if you’re feeling a bit lost her videos are probably the most useful thing you’ll find on the internet this week. Among other things, she suggests aiming to clear any credit card debt by putting any extra income onto your card with the lowest balance and to cut back on non-essential items while trying to clear your debt.

She also gives out daily credit tips and hacks, such as checking your credit report online and disputing any collections via mail for debt validation.

A good credit score means you’ll be eligible to apply for credit cards and loans in the future, so if you need some help 20 minutes of scrolling through her feed will honestly change your life.