How To Get Spotify Premium For Free

Upgrade your listening without spending anything.

Creating the perfect playlist for summer is a vibe. But let’s be honest, there’s nothing more annoying than listening to your favorite song, only to be interrupted by an ad. Or maybe you’re sick of listening to your tunes on shuffle all the time. Unfortunately, all those extra perks come with a price.

If you’ve been debating about upgrading to Spotify premium but haven’t due to the price tag, we’re here to help. These are all the ways you can access Spotify premium for absolutely free.

Start a new Spotify account

While it might be annoying to start an entirely new account from scratch (especially if you have tons of carefully curated playlists like I do), it does have its benefits. For new users, Spotify has a beefy free trial period available for new users.

The individual plan offers a three-month free trial—the other tiers allow a one-month free trial period for new users. This obviously only applies to new users, so you can’t delete your account and create a new one with the same email address. That means to get this benefit, you’ll have to start a new Spotify account with a new email address. You’ll also have to go ahead and put your payment information in when you sign up.

Use a PayPal account when you sign up for Spotify

For another free trial period of Spotify, you don’t even have to go through Spotify to reap the benefits. PayPal is offering the same deal Spotify is when it comes to a free trial membership of Spotify Premium.

Again, you’ll have to be a new user to Spotify to get your free premium trial period. Just be sure to use PayPal as your payment method when you sign up. Then, your first three months of Spotify Premium will be totally free.

Microsoft Rewards gets you free Spotify Premium

Another great option for free Spotify Premium is available through Microsoft. The Microsoft Rewards program (which allows you to redeem points for rewards) includes three months of Spotify premium for free.

To take advantage of the free membership, here’s what you have to do:

  • Sign up for Microsoft Rewards program
  • Perform three Bing searches per day over a 14-day period

After that, the reward is yours. This only applies to new Spotify members, so you may need to create a new Spotify account to snag the reward.

Tinder users get four free months of Spotify Premium

Snagging a freebie while you swipe? Yes, it’s actually that easy. Tinder is offering its users a free trial of Spotify Premium to all its users. Plus, you get an extra free month of listening when you go through Tinder.

Per usual, this deal is only available to new Spotify users. Don’t be afraid to make a new account to save some money.

Join a Family or Duo Plan to listen for free

If you’ve run out of options to take advantage of free trial offers, then it might be time to see if anyone you know is willing to share their premium account with you. Higher subscription tiers (like Spotify Duo or Spotify Family) allow multiple users to be on the same account.

With Spotify Duo, you can have two users on the same account. With Spotify Family, you can have up to six users with the same subscription.

Purchase a new device for free Spotify Premium

If you need a new piece of tech, get as much as you can out of the purchase. Plenty of companies bundle Spotify premium subscriptions with their devices.

This varies between companies, so be sure to check if there are any specials running when you purchase. Some of the deals might be for new Spotify users, but others may apply to people who already have Spotify accounts.

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