How To Get FREE & Low-Cost Thanksgiving Food

Thanksgiving dinner shouldn’t break the bank.

Despite everything being holly and jolly this time of year, the holidays are a huge financial strain for plenty of families. But celebrating a day to be thankful for all the wonderful things in your life shouldn’t be a source of more stress.

If you’re looking for ways to tighten up your Thanksgiving budget, or even get a meal for free, keep reading.

How To Get Affordable Thanksgiving Food

While plenty of stores usually offer deals on Thanksgiving groceries, these stores are giving customers extra savings this year:

  • Walmart: Certain Thanksgiving foods will not be adjusted for inflation, with the prices being the same as 2021. Whole turkeys are priced at $1 per pound, with other Thanksgiving staples boasting equally low prices. Click here to shop all of Walmart’s Thanksgiving foods.
  • Lidl: You can get a Thanksgiving meal that serves 10 for under $30 at Lidl. All you have to do is be a Lidl loyalty member (which is free) and add the meal to your basket. The meal includes a 13-pound frozen turkey, pumpkin pie mix, sweet potatoes, a gallon of milk, turkey stuffing mix, and more. Shop the savings here.
  • Aldi: The 2019 “Thanksgiving Price Rewind” is still going strong at Aldi. The prices have not been adjusted for 2022 inflation, with savings going as high as 30%. There will be a sticker on the Thanksgiving foods that have the highest discounts. Visit your local Aldi to shop and save.

How To Get Free Thanksgiving Food

Thanksgiving dinner

There are ways to get a free meal for Thanksgiving, too.

  • Visit your local food pantry: Most food banks or pantries don’t turn anyone away, so you’re guaranteed to have a meal. If you visit the pantry, someone will be sure to help you out.

We recommend calling ahead of time to double check your local food bank’s hours of operations and to see if there are any special instructions for picking up food. Food pantries also get especially busy this time of year, so double check everything before you head over.

Amp Up Your Meal (On A Budget)

If you’re trying to stretch your dollar as far as you can this Thanksgiving season, these are the tips pro chefs use in order to spruce up their holiday meals.

  • Turkey: You’ll be able to make a roasted turkey, gravy, and turkey stock from this one bird.
  • Vegetables: Rinse canned vegetables off with water to neutralize the “canned” flavor, then season liberally with salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and butter or olive oil.
  • Stuffing: Add in apples, pears, or dried fruit for a unique flavor.
  • Dessert: Top apples, pears, or sweet potatoes (fresh or canned) with cinnamon and brown sugar.

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