H&M Will Give You Free Clothes If You Do This One Thing

Make your newest fashion find 100% sustainable.

Whether you did a big clothing purge before you headed off to college or want to try out a new style, odds are there are some clothes lurking in your closet that you could stand to get rid of.

But if you feel guilty about ditching that fast fashion find you only bought last year, H&M is here to help.

The Price Of Fast Fashion

According to H&M, “less than 1% of the materials used to make clothes get recycled each year.” From an ecological standpoint, that’s not great. It means that tons of materials wind up in landfills, benefitting no one.

To combat this growing issue, H&M launched their Garment Collecting program in 2013.

Let’s Close The Loop

Thanks to the Garment Collecting program, H&M is more than happy to recycle your old, unwanted clothing. Here’s how it works:

  1. Bring any unwanted clothes or textiles (any brand and any condition) to an H&M store.
  2. Hand in your bag of clothes at the register to receive a complementary thank-you coupon to use towards your next H&M purchase.

After that, H&M sorts your clothing into one of three categories:

  • Rewear: Wearable items are marketed as secondhand clothing.
  • Reuse: If your item isn’t suitable for rewear, they’re turned into other products.
  • Recycle: Everything else is shredded into textile fibers, which can be used for things like insulation.

The Results So Far

In 2020 alone, H&M collected 18,800 tons of unwanted clothing, which is the equivalent of 94 million t-shirts. That’s already making a huge environmental difference!

Don’t forget you can get student discount on your H&M shop too.

Ready to make even more of a difference when it comes to fashion and the environment? Be sure to look through these clothing items you had no idea were sustainable. And for even more H&M, check out the designer dupes you can buy there for a fraction of the price.