McGold Card

Here’s How To Get McDonald’s FREE For The Rest Of Your Life

Never pay for McDonald’s again.

The idea of getting free food from a restaurant for the rest of your life sounds too good to be true, right? Not for McDonald’s. They’re ready to give you the gift of never having to pay for your food ever again whenever you visit them.

The McGold Card (which will allow you the once in a lifetime opportunity of free food forever) has already created a lot of hype. If you’re looking to get your hands on one, keep reading.

The McGold Card

Going on now until December 25, McDonald’s is giving you the chance to win the McGold Card, which allows you to get free McDonald’s every single time you order. And while it’s not technically for life, the fine print stipulates you can redeem two free meals every week for 50 years, which is still plenty of free food.

“Our fans have been fascinated by the lore of the McGold Card and if it really exists,” said Tariq Hassan, McDonald’s Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer. “And now, we’ll make this McDonald’s legend a reality for our fans by giving them the ultimate holiday gift.”

How To Get A McGold Card

If you’re dying to get your hands on the elusive McGold Card, there’s only one way you can potentially snag one. Every time your order McDonald’s via their app, you have the chance of winning the once rumored McGold Card.

2018 was the last time the McGold card was offered publicly, so you’re going to want to try and win one before it’s gone again. If you do end up winning one, you’ll also win three cards to give to your friends. That way, you and your crew can all get free McDonald’s for life.

Other McDonald’s Freebies

Even if you don’t win a McGold Card, there are plenty of other ways to get free food at McDonald’s during December:

  • December 8-9: 50-cent Double Cheeseburgers
  • December 10-11: Pick ur 4 deal
  • December 12-14: Buy-one-get-one-free Crispy Chicken Sandwich
  • December 15-16: Free six-piece McNugget order with a $1 purchase
  • December 17-18: Burger Bundle deal
  • December 19-21: Buy-one-get-one-free Big Macs
  • December 22-23: 50-cent Double Cheeseburgers
  • December 24-25: Pick ur 4 deal

And don’t forget that McDonald’s holiday pies are back, too!

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