The Perfect Graduation Look Based On Your Cap & Gown Color

Get your grad outfit ready to go! 🎓

Before you walk across the stage and grab your diploma, there’s one more thing you have to get figured out—your outfit! What are you going to wear as you celebrate one of your biggest accomplishments?

It can be a pain to try and coordinate your regalia with your grad clothes, so that’s why we’re here to help. Scroll to find the color of your robes and what colors will look best with it!

If Your Robe Is Black…

For those of you who are blessed with wearing a black robe, your options are limitless. Black goes with literally anything, so don’t be afraid to pick something that really suits you.

Nothing says you have to wear white, either. If you’re really at a loss, opt for something bright to contrast the black robes, or wear one of your school’s colors!

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If Your Robe Is White…

Similar to black, white robes also go with anything! Opt for a softer color to pair with subtle, paler tones. Again, you can always go with a dress that matches one of your school’s colors.

Some good colors to pair with white robes are pale blue, lavender, mint green, or yellow. Even a soft floral print works well with white, too!

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If Your Robe Is Blue…

Blue can be tricky since there are so many shades of blue on the color spectrum. A never-fail option is white—it matches any shade of blue, no matter what.

Don’t be afraid of adding some color in, though. Florals can go with blue, or you can go timeless and choose to match your blue robes with black.

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If Your Robe Is Red…

Red is already a pretty dramatic color, so don’t choose anything too bold. You don’t want to clash with your robes or have too many focal points fighting for attention.

A great option for your red robes is a white dress with a red heel that perfectly coordinates with your regalia!

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If Your Robe Is Yellow…

“Yellow” can encapsulate anything from pastel to gold. Thankfully, you have quite a bit of range when it comes to yellow, regardless of the shade.

But either way, a light pink or white would coordinate perfectly. And again, soft florals are great, too!

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If Your Robe Is Green…

Green robes aren’t super common, but the colors that will match any shade are, of course, black and white. Remembers, neutrals go with everything and anything.

If you want to do something a little bit different, try finding a different shade of green! A monochrome look is always timeless.

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If Your Robe Is Purple…

For everyone wearing purple robes, we have plenty of choices for you. Remember that black and white is great, but don’t be afraid to branch out, too.

For paler purples, a dark navy would offset the pastel tones nicely. And for jewel tones, a soft lavender would be a nice option in the same color family.

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