Get Paid Up To $10,000 For Your Unwanted Halloween Candy

Make the most of all the treats you get this year. 🍬

Have some extra Halloween candy sitting around? Put it to good use—and get paid for it, too.

So if you don’t have much of a sweet tooth, or just wound up with a bunch of stuff you don’t like (we see you, Tootsie Rolls), turn those treats into cash.

No Tricks Here

HealthyWage wants to buy your unwanted Halloween candy from you this year. The best part is that all the unwanted candy is sent to troops abroad in care packages. Win-win!

You’ll be compensated $10 for every pound of candy you send in. The total compensation for everyone caps at $10,000. Each person is limited to sending 10 pounds, so get all your friends (and their candy!) together to make some serious cash.

How To Send In Your Candy

The process of getting cash for your candy is pretty simple. Fill out this form to include with your shipment of candy. Just note you are responsible for the cost of shipping.

Ship all candy to the following address:

Operation Shoebox

8360 East Hwy 25

Belleview, FL 34420

How To Get Paid

Then, it’s time to send in your candy. You can choose to be paid via PayPal or check. And remember, all candy sent must be wrapped and not expired.

Payments are made in four to six weeks.

Ready to send in your candy? Click here for all the information!

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