Get Paid to Watch All The “Fast & Furious” Movies

“Don’t turn your back on family.”

The Fast & Furious franchise coming to an end soon. The release of Fast X on May 19 means it’s time to revisit the films to get hyped. But what if you could earn money watching all 10 of the movies in the series?

FinanceBuzz is ready to hire someone to watch every bit of Fast & Furious, and they’ll give you $1,000 for your efforts.

What You’ll Do

If selected, you’ll watch more than 20 hours of content in order to document all the damages from car crashes across the movies. The team at FinanceBuzz will then use this information to estimate just how much all of those car crashes would cost IRL.

Your official title will be Fast & Furious Claims Adjuster. While watching each movie, you’ll take note of every car accident that results in damage. You’ll also need to include the number of accidents, the extent of the damage, and what kinds of cars are involved.

What You’ll Get

If selected, FinanceBuzz will pay you $1,000 for your efforts. They’re also throwing in $100 to cover any costs of streaming the movies, seeing the new Fast X in theaters, and any snacks you want to grab to fuel your binge-watching.

Click here to send in your applications. The role closes on May 19, 2023.

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