You Could Get Paid To Cuddle Bear Cubs

Trading money for snuggles. 🐻

Calling all animals lovers! If you’re looking for the dream summer job, it might be time to head north once classes are over.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is looking to hire a few bear cub snugglers for the spring and summer months. No really—this could be your job!

What You’ll Do

Researchers discovered a few bear cubs had been orphaned in Michigan, and they didn’t have enough body fat to keep themselves warm while their mother is getting her health check-ups and weigh-ins. That’s where you come in to help!

The job itself is pretty easy. All you have to do is hold the bear cub inside your jacket for an hour or so during their mom’s checkup. The cubs weigh about three to six pounds and are easy to hold—just be sure to watch out for their claws.

How To Apply

If you’re ready to apply and cuddle up to some bear cubs, click here to send in your application. You can earn up to nearly $20 an hour! Hiring is taking place all over Michigan, so send in your application in time for summer ASAP.

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