Get Paid Up To $335K To Ask ChatGPT Questions

Bow down to your new AI overlords. 🤖

It seems like a new AI chatbot is getting released (and unsurprisingly corrupted) every few weeks or so. But with the frenzied pace of AI innovations reaching a fever pitch, people are beginning to fear for their jobs. Getting replaced by automation is a very real concern.

But what about embracing the new technology and planning your career around AI? That’s exactly what ChatGPT is hoping you can help with. They’re ready to hire new roles, and they have a major payout.

What You’d Do

Companies like OpenAI (who created ChatGPT) are desperate to make their new technology as flawless and humanlike as possible. That, of course, requires humans to help. A few of the roles that are in the most demand are as follows:

  • AI prompt writers
  • AI prompt engineers
  • Prompt Engineer and Librarian

All of these would involve some form of creating new writing prompts for the AI chatbots to answer. And the average salary for these types of positions? Anywhere from a whopping $175,000-$335,000 per year.

The huge payout is because crafting the perfect types of prompts that the AI can recognize is a time-consuming task. It needs to be the most efficient question in order to create a quick answer that will provide support to those asking it.

How To Apply

A quick Google search will reveal tons of different companies looking for support on the AI side of their business. But if you’ve got your eyes on working for OpenAI on ChatGPT, head over to their career page by clicking here and applying for one of the open roles.

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