Get Paid $20K To Be The Head Of Hanger Management

When hanger strikes, you’ll be ready.

We all know that one friend who doesn’t just get hungry—they get hangry. Or maybe you’re that friend. No judgment here. But we also all have the mom friend who always comes prepared with snacks for everyone, just in case. Regardless of where you fall on the hangry spectrum, Nutri-Grain is looking for someone to test out their new snacks.

With the launch of their new Nutri-Grain Power-Fulls protein bites, the breakfast bar company decided they needed to hire someone to help prevent hanger for everyone—and you could be that person! Find out how to apply to be the Head of Hanger Management for Nutri-Grain.

What You’ll Do As Head Of Hanger Management

If hired by Nutri-Grain to be the Head of Hanger Management, your responsibilities will include the following:

  • Prevent hangriness with the help of Nutri-Grain Power-Fulls
  • Help others manage hanger by collaborating with Nutri-Grain on at least four pieces of social content for Nutri-Grain social media channels, which will be published between August-December 2024
    • Two pieces are due by July 31
    • Two pieces are due by August 31
  • Help Nutri-Grain come up with new flavors and snack ideas

What You’ll Win

Naturally, you’ll be rewarded for all your hard work. If selected to be the Head of Hanger Management, you’ll receive $20,000! Not a bad paycheck for taste-testing snacks all day. The winner also gets a year’s supply of Nutri-Grain Power-Fulls to snack on (and prevent hanger from striking).

The new snack from Nutri-Grain boasts 8 grams of protein along with whole grains in convenient pouches, allowing you to snack anywhere. The Power-Fulls come in both chocolate and strawberry flavors, but the Head of Hanger Management might be able to propose some new flavor ideas, too!

How To Apply To Be Head Of Hanger Management

If this sounds like the perfect job for you, click here to send in your application. If you really want to make your application stand out, here are the ideal qualities Nutri-Grain is looking for:

  • Clarity: Clearly explain why you’d make the best Head of Hanger Management.
  • Creativity: Show how you stand out from the rest of the applicants.
  • Attention to Detail: Be thoughtful and precise.
  • Relevance: Make sure you answer exactly what the application is asking.
  • Brand-Fit: Do your best to embody the Nutri-Grain tone and spirit.

You must be at least 18 years old and a legal resident of the United States to enter.

Applications are due June 14, 2024.