5 Reasons Why You Need To Get Off Your Parents’ Phone Bill

Still mooching off your parents’ phone plan? It’s time to change it up.

If you’re reading this, odds are you’re thinking about getting out of your parents’ phone plan—or your mom or dad passive aggressively sent this to you to read and offer a not-so-subtle hint. Either way, getting your own phone plan as a student is easier than you think.

Thanks to the cool people at Tello Mobile, it’s never been a better time to take charge of your phone bill. Oh, and did we mention you can get your first month 100% free? Yeah, seriously. But if you’re still on the fence, read to find out just how doable getting your own phone plan really is.

1. You can totally afford it.

The biggest reason you’re probably worried about getting off your parents’ phone bill is money. You can get a phone plan for as little as $5 per month, and the most “expensive” plan is still only $29 per month. Customize your plan to perfectly fit your data and minutes needs (like 5GB for $19 per month or 10GB for $24 per month). So yeah, you can totally afford it. And if it’s not a best fit, you can always jump ship since Tello has no contract or fees to pin you down.

2. It proves you’re responsible.

Imagine the look on your parents’ faces when you tell them that you’re going to take charge of this aspect of your finances. It’ll probably be a mixture of shock and awe. You’re being responsible all over the place! Plus, it’s just a nice small step you can take to becoming more independent. Win-win!

3. You get to manage your own data.

Are you sick of getting the dreaded “you’re almost out of data for the month” text message way too early into the billing cycle since you’re jockeying for data with other members of your family? Yeah, not an issue when you have your own phone plan. You can get unlimited data at Tello Mobile for just $29 per month. No more trying to ration out your data for the rest of the month! Don’t need unlimited data? You can mix & match data and mins as you want. For example, you can get 5GB for $19/mo or $10GB for $24/mo. Unlimited texts & calls included.

4. You’ll start establishing credit.

While you’re probably not thinking about your future credit history right now, it’s important to start establishing credit early, especially if you’re planning on renting an apartment, buying a car, or getting a charge card anytime soon. Pay those bills on time, and your credit will be solid for years.

5. You’re eligible for an exclusive discount.

Since we’re all about saving you money, Student Beans has collaborated with Tello Mobile to save you even more money on your phone bill! When you sign up for Tello Mobile and use your student discount, you’ll get your first month free. Yep, you read that right—100% free. That’s money you can use on other fun stuff!

Now that you’re feeling confident about getting off your parents’ phone plan, it’s time to take the plunge! Tello Mobile is ready and waiting to help you create the best phone plan for your needs. BTW, they all come with free hotspot, Wi-Fi Calling & international calls included. Look at you, being responsible and saving money at the same time. We’re so proud!

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This post is a sponsored post in partnership with Tello Mobile.