Get Hired To Fly To The UK To Drink Cocktails

Sip, sip hooray! 🍹

Ready to lounge back with a cocktail over summer vacation? So are we. But did you know that you can get paid to drink? Yeah, sign us up.

A bar in the UK is looking to hire a professional cocktail taster, and it’s open to US residents! So if you’re ready to start sampling an entire menu of innovative drinks over your summer break, then scroll to find out how you can apply.

What You’ll Do

Green Park Brasserie is looking for a “Professional Cocktail Taster” or “Cocktail Consultant” to help with the launch of the bar’s new summer cocktail menu. The job is pretty straightforward—taste the cocktails!

You’ll be working with the team at Green Park Brasserie to determine which cocktails work and which ones don’t. This will involve consulting with the team, taking notes, and making development logs.

How To Apply

The ideal candidate has been described as having, “a refined palette for the perfect summer drink and have suitable cocktail drinking experience.” So for those of you who are always trying the latest cocktails at your bar, this is perfect for you.

Even though the role is based in the UK, anyone can apply! Green Park Brasserie will cover any cost of flights. The role will net you $15 an hour, equating to around $35,000 per year. Just be sure you’re legal drinking age before you send in your application.

Click here to apply!

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