Get FREE Nike Sneakers With This Secret Hack

In need of a new pair of kicks?

Thanks to the smart people who post hacks on TikTok, a lawyer has recently revealed how you can get a brand new pair of free shoes from big name brands like Nike.

Although you have to already own a pair of Nike shoes to cash in on the deal, it doesn’t make it any less incredible.

How To Get Free Nike Sneakers

In the video, lawyer Erika Kullberg (@erikakullberg) explains that even if your shoes are outside of the 60-day return window, you can still get them replaced for free.

As a finance lawyer, Kullberg’s job involves reading a lot of fine print (like the terms of conditions we all blindly agree to) in order to save people money. In this case, she found something interesting in Nike’s official company warranty.

The warranty states that if the shoes in question have “developed a flaw” (like the tear she references in her video) within two years of purchase, the customer is eligible for a new pair.

How To Return Your Nike Shoes

Do your shoes have a flaw? Here’s what you need to do.

If you purchases your Nike shoes in-store, they have to be returned to the original store they were purchased at. If you bought them online, you’ll have to contact the company via Nike’s website.

What if your shoes aren’t available for purchase anymore? No sweat—Nike is obligated to give you a gift card of the same value of the original shoes, which you can then use to purchase a new pair.

Don’t forget, you’re also eligible for a Nike student discount via Student Beans!

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