Here’s How You Can LEGALLY Get Free Netflix & Apple TV+

Streaming has never been easier—or cheaper.

It feels like every company offers some kind of streaming service bundle now. And thanks to cell phone carriers getting in on the action, it can be a bit confusing to find out if your plan is actually giving you the most when it comes to freebies and benefits.

Thanks to the unbiased consumer aggregate service Navi, we found out how you can get Netflix and Apple TV+ legally free thanks to one cell phone provider.

Time To Change Phone Plans

According to Navi, T-Mobile is the cell phone carrier who is giving customers the most bang for their buck, especially when it comes to unlimited plans, known as Magenta and Magenta MAX—and that we before they even announced their new streaming benefits.

T-Mobile announced that members of the Magenta and Magenta MAX plan will now have free access to Netflix, Apple TV+, and Paramount Plus.

What The Plans Include

The Magenta and Magenta MAX plan include the following benefits:

Magenta Magenta MAX
-$140 per month
-Unlimited talk & text

-Taxes & fees included

-Unlimited premium data

-Free Netflix, Apple TV+, and Paramount Plus

-5GB high-speed mobile hotspot
-$170 per month
-Taxes & fees included

-Unlimited premium data

FreeNetflix, Apple TV+, and Paramount Plus

-40GB high-speed mobile hotspot

How To Switch Your Plan

Attempting to change your cell phone plan isn’t always the easiest task to accomplish. You’ll have to get in touch with your current provider to cancel your plan. Then, you’ll want to contact T-Mobile in order to get set up with the Magenta or Magenta MAX unlimited plans.

If you’re already on T-Mobile and just want to upgrade to unlimited, you can easily upgrade by online or in-store.

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