This Trick Will Get You A Free McDonald’s Happy Meal For The Rest Of June

Are you loving it?

Get ready to take a trip back to one of your favorite childhood meals—McDonald’s is giving away free Happy Meals for the entire month of June. Thankfully, you’ve still got some time to take advantage of this offer before it’s gone for good.

In case you weren’t aware, McDonald’s partnered with UberEats for their McDelivery service in 2017. Evetntually, they expanded to include GrubHub in 2019. What initially started out as a small-scale operation in the tri-state New York area quickly turned into delivering burgers and nuggets across the country.

In order to celebrate their long-overdue success of McDelivery, McDonald’s wants to give you a free happy meal for the entire month of June.

How To Claim Your Free Happy Meal

In order to take advantage of this limited-time offer, there are only two requirements.

  • Spend at least $15 on an order
  • Order your McDonald’s meal through GrubHub

It doesn’t even matter that you’re an adult—you’re still eligible to get a free Happy Meal! Just add the free meal to your order, and it will be credited at checkout.

The deal also only applies to deliveries, so make sure you choose that option (not pick-up) when you go to order your food. There is a limit to one Happy Meal per day per customer.

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Be sure to grab some free ice cream with your free Happy Meal this summer! And grab this treat that’s back for good to get a 90s blast from the past.