How To Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half Every Week

Save money on your meals every. single. week.

Let’s face it—eating out is expensive, but grocery shopping can add up quick, too. If you’re wondering how you can stretch your dollar as far as it can go (all while still eating delicious food at every meal), you’re not alone. It’s never been easier, or cheaper, to get your groceries delivered and still save money.

We’ve rounded up some great recipes that will be sure to get your mouth watering, along with how much money you’ll save shopping for the ingredients when you use Thrive Market. Did you know Student Beans offers free memberships, along with up to 50% off all products? Yeah, you’re welcome.


Homemade Golden Grahams

Sometimes, we just want that bowl of childhood nostalgia cereal to get our morning started off right. But did you know you can make a much tastier (and healthier) version yourself with a few pantry staples? That way, you’ll always have access to your favorite breakfast treat without spending a fortune.

Total savings: $35.48

Dark Chocolate Almond Banana Muffins

Indulge in some sweet muffins during a busy work week, or and bake a batch for a nice start to your weekend. These banana muffins are studded with plenty of dark chocolate chips, making them a deliciously decadent option for your next at-home breakfast or brunch.

Total savings: $42.94


Vibrant Roasted Cauliflower & Fried Basil

Who knew cauliflower could be the star of a meal? Loaded with plenty of fresh and dried herbs, the title says it all: vibrant. Packed with nutrients and flavor, you’ll want to rotate this dish into your weekday lunch repertoire ASAP. Even if you’re not vegetarian, you can serve it with protein, too!

Total savings: $20.16

Roasted Veggie Chickpea Sandwich

A quick and easy sandwich is a great workday lunch option. This version uses chickpeas and plenty of fresh veggies to create a bright and tasty bite that you can pack easily (or make on the fly if you’re crazy busy working from home).

Total savings: $29.98


Pesto Turkey Meatballs With Tagliatelle

With just a few ingredients needed, you can make a truly stunning version of spaghetti and meatballs for a weeknight dinner in no time. This is a great beginner recipe, so if you’ve ever thought about cooking at home more, this (and this recipe) is your sign!

Total Savings: $9.30

Thai Peanut Tempeh Bowl

This vegan-friendly dinner is great when you’re craving Asian flavors but don’t want to spend the money on takeout. Again, a few simple pantry staples come together to form a delicious meat-free rice bowl. Just be sure to add plenty of fresh veggies, too!

Total savings: $21.64

Desserts & Snacks

Vegan Thumbprint Cookies With Strawberry Chia Seed Jam

Yes, cookies can be vegan and taste delicious. The jam in these thumbprint cookies uses chia seeds to create a similar texture, and lots of maple syrup and vanilla blend together in the dough for a sweet treat. You’ll want to have a batch on hand at all times—they’re that good.

Total savings: $45.30

5-Minute Sugar Cookie Dough

Edible cookie dough? Sign us up! This quick recipe only uses a few ingredients and has the added benefit of protein powder, making it a healthy snack option, too! Just don’t be surprised if you polish off the whole batch in one go.

Total savings: $49.33

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