Camila Karalyte

Camila Karalyte

Content Executive

Camila has been at Student Beans since April 2023 as a Content Executive for the blog. Using her own experiences as a student, Camila is passionate about helping others during their university journey. Her background in lifestyle, fashion and beauty, finance and business, as well as the motor industry and the beverage world, gives Camila her well-rounded expertise.

In her spare time she’s either thinking about coffee, Eurovision, or “gosh, my roots need doing”.

  • English Literature and Creative Writing (BA Hons)
  • Creative Writing (MA)
Personal Quote

“University is supposed to be some of the most enriching years of your life. Put less pressure on yourself and spend the time figuring out who you are, what makes your heart sing, and meeting people who will experience the journey with you. The world might look scary from this side, but trust me, we’re all just a bunch of scared adults trying to adult together.”