Get FREE Money To Spend On Amazon Prime Day With These Hacks

Brace yourselves: Prime Day is coming.

Amazon finally announced the dates for Prime Day 2023, which means the hype is starting to build. And while there are going to be plenty of deals to take advantage of, you can get free money to spend while you shop. Yes, you read that right—free money.

When Is Amazon Prime Day 2023?

Amazon decided that Prime Day for 2023 is happening on July 11 & 12. It usually happens around this time of year, with the deals usually only lasting for 24-48 hours. The only exceptions occurred in the previous years, with Prime Day 2020 falling later in October, and Prime Day 2021 coming up a bit earlier in June.

How To Get FREE Money To Spend For Prime Day 2023

If you’re getting antsy for Prime Day this year, you can take advantage of the savings even more by completing a few simple tasks on Amazon. Upon completion of the tasks, you can get $32 in Amazon credit to spend on the day.

The things you’ll need to do are as follows:

Upload pictures to Amazon Photos

Fancy yourself a photographer? This easy trick will score you a $15 Amazon gift card without spending anything. All you have to do is download the Amazon Photos app which is available for desktop, iOS and Android and then simply upload one photo. You’ll then be given $15 credit to spend on Prime Day.

As with anything like this, there are a few rules you need to stick to in order to qualify. You must be a Prime member (check out our student discount for this if you haven’t already) and new to Amazon Photos too. The discount is also only valid during Prime Day and on orders of $30 or more.

Add money to your gift card balance

Loads of people use Amazon’s gift cards to pay for their online shopping and if you start doing this for Prime Day, you can make a little extra cash towards your purchases too. By adding $100 to your gift card, you can get an extra $12 totally free if you’ve never used Amazon reload before. Amazon Reload is a simple way to top up your gift card balance to pay rather than using a card and comes with great perks like this too.

Don’t want to top up $100? You can still haul in rewards by topping up $50 instead. Starting on July 3 and running until the end of July 10, you can get an extra $5 for topping up $50 on your Amazon gift cards. This money will be valid until way past Prime Day too until August 25, 2023.

New and current Amazon Prime members can take advantage of these deals, making it a great way to save some money while you shop.

Not an Amazon Prime member yet? You can sign up in time for Prime Day via Student Beans for a discounted rate! You can get Prime Video for just $0.99 a month as well as Amazon Music!

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