Woman looking at mobile phone
Woman looking at mobile phone

Your Phone Contract Could Earn You £700 A Year

Who knew your phone could earn you money?

We’ve fallen for the trick before — being lured in by various phone providers offering perks and benefits if you sign up with them. But have any of us actually made the most out of what they offer us?

Research by Uswitch.com has revealed that you could be making nearly £700 a year if you take advantage of all the perks that O2 offers you. Sounds insane, right?

How your phone contract could be earning you money

O2 mobile phone and sim card

Many phone providers offer perks to attract us, but with most of us not making the most of them, we could be missing out on hundreds of pounds a year in the form of deals or vouchers.

Okay, we know it’s not physical cash, but a perk is a perk.

O2 offers the best deals for students over a two year contract. Offering deals like a coffee, sausage roll, and breakfast roll from Greggs, all for free. That’s lunch sorted then. They also offer one free Odeon cinema ticket to customers every week, so if you’re bored one evening, head out and watch the latest release for no extra cost.

Want more? O2 also offers a free Apple TV subscription for your first three months.

In total, the value of the perks offered by O2 adds up to around £2,135.67. Meaning that over a two-year contract, you could be earning £699.23, after factoring in contract costs and the cost of redeeming some of the perks.

If you’re on a tight budget

Phone contracts can be a pricey deduction from your monthly expenses, so a one-month rolling contract could be an option. The flexibility of a rolling SIM-only contact means you can switch providers any time if you find a better deal elsewhere.

Switching providers for one with better perks can benefit you in huge savings. An example is Lebara’s SIM-only contract, where you can take advantage of perks worth up to 2335.3% of the cost of the sim in your first month. But only if you sign up to all the offers up for the taking.

If you connect to WiFi on your uni campus and in your student accommodation, Lebara’s 1GB one-month plan for £3.95 could be the one for you. The deal could actually make you up to £92.24 if you take advantage of the perks offered.

The perks include £7 off your first Iceland order, £20 off your first Ocado food shop over £60, 55% off your first Gousto box and £10 off your first purchase from Jimmy’s Iced Coffee. A foodie’s dream!

Bags of food shopping

So, if you’re feeling strapped for cash, check out your mobile phone contract to see if there are any deals you can grab. Or, shop around and switch.

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