You Could Stay In Ibiza For Free This Summer

Brb booking flights right now.

If your group chat has already decided a trip to Ibiza is on the cards for summer 2024, you’re probably already thinking about the outfits and the money you’ll need to make it a trip to remember.

Even though it’s possible to find affordable flights to Ibiza, a holiday is always going to cost a bit more money than you have in mind— especially if you’re planning on spending the week drinking, because we can’t be held responsible for how we spend when we’ve had a few drinks.

Well, luckily there’s a way you could save on accommodation and stay in a 4-star room for free this summer but there is a slight catch, and it’s not for the faint-hearted.

How can I stay in Ibiza for free?

Let’s face it, when you’re on holiday you often don’t spend that much time in your room so it’s often easier to book a cheaper hotel and aim to be out all day and night.

However, there is a way you could stay in a 4-star room complete with a double bed, TV, and AC entirely for free this summer.

We present to you, the Zero suite.

The Zero suite is a little bit different to your typical hotel room. Situated in the fun and quirky Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel which is a 4-star hotel less than 3 miles from the city centre, the Zero suite is free to anyone willing to sleep there for one reason— which is that the walls are made entirely of glass.


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Yep, the Zero Suite is a glass-walled room in the middle of the hotel lobby which means that everyone can see straight into your room which means zero privacy. Alright, this isn’t exactly the dream room however if you’re willing to stay in the Zero Suite you can do so entirely free of charge.

It might not be ideal to think of the entire hotel being able to see straight into your room but eh, what’s the worst that can happen?

Plus, after a few drinks, you probably won’t even notice the walls are made of glass (probably).

If you think you’re up for this, you can apply for the chance to stay in the Zero Suite right here. Obviously, if this is not for you that’s also understandable.

Luckily, you can search and book discounted rooms in other 4-star city centre hotels in Ibiza using our student discount at and you can save on your travel with our Ryanair and Jet2 discounts.

So whether you’re up for staying in a glass-walled suite or not you can save some cash on your (much-deserved) summer break this year.