Best Ugg dupes
Best Ugg dupes

Where To Buy The Best Ugg Dupes 2023

The ultimate guide on where to buy the best Uggs and Ugg dupes for 2023.

Ugg boots are officially back in fashion and are here to stay.

Thanks to TikTok making dupes cool, Ugg dupes are super easy to find and while the real thing is great, they’re pretty pricey for a student budget. Not to mention, Uggs will normally sell out pretty quickly as soon as winter hits.

If you’re desperate for a pair of Ugg boots but can’t find the size or style you want on the Ugg website, there’s no need to panic as some of the Ugg dupes you can get are so good you won’t even notice the difference!

We’ve also got the best Ugg slippers for men – perfect for Christmas shopping!

Here’s where to shop the best Ugg dupes for autumn/winter 2023.

Where to buy Uggs

So, if you want to invest in a pair of real Ugg boots, the most obvious place to check is the Ugg website. A good tip is to check the sale and outlet sections to see if you can grab a bargain in your size, however, don’t expect to be able to buy a brand-new pair of Uggs in winter as they sell out super quickly.

If you want to grab a student discount on your Uggs you can try Schuh, ASOS, JD Sports or Footasylum as they all stock Uggs –– but they’ll sell out there pretty quickly too!

Ugg Classic Ultra Mini — Schuh, £140

Ugg classic ultra mini

Get a student discount at Schuh

If you really want a new pair of Uggs it’s best to buy a pair earlier in the year before winter hits and sign up for back-in-stock notifications if the pair you want is out of stock.

If you really want a real pair of Ugg boots and don’t want to try out Ugg dupes, Vinted and Depop will have loads of people reselling pairs that are in pretty good condition, so that’s always another option!

Where to buy Ultra Mini Ugg dupes

Ultra Mini Uggs are the must-have Uggs right now. Made popular by the likes of Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner who have been seen rocking them, they’re notoriously hard to get your hands on, especially in the signature Ugg shades like Chestnut or Chocolate.

Luckily, thanks to their huge popularity on TikTok it’s super easy to find dupes for Ultra Mini Uggs for just a fraction of the price of the real thing, so anyone can enjoy them and be cosy for winter regardless of budget.

Ultra Mini Ankle Length Faux Fur Lining Boots in Chestnut Brown Faux Suede — EGO, £21

Best Ugg dupes

Get a student discount at EGO

Flurry Beige Faux Suede Ultra Mini Ankle Boots — Public Desire, £24.99

Best Ultra mini ugg dupes

Get a student discount at Public Desire

Ultra Mini Addy — Linzi, £24.99

Best Ugg boot dupes

Get a student discount at Linzi

Ultra Mini Cosy Boots — boohoo, £25

boohoo boots ugg dupes

Get a student discount at boohoo

Where to buy Mini Ugg dupes

Mini Uggs are a slightly taller version of the Ultra Minis, which is great if you want to keep your feet a bit warmer as they cover more of your ankles.

Mini Uggs are regarded as more of a classic Ugg style that will be popular for many years to come while the ultra minis are having their moment of glory right now, so if you want a pair of Ugg dupes that will last a few winters, you might prefer the style of the mini.

Sable Faux Fur Lining Ankle Boot in Chestnut Brown Faux Suede — Ego, £21

ugg boots

Get a student discount at EGO

Aus Wooli Australia Water-Resistant Sheepskin Short Ankle Boots — Amazon, £44.99


Get a student discount at Amazon Prime

Emu Australia Stinger Mini Chestnut Boots — Urban Outfitters, £129

Mini ugg boots

Get a student discount at Urban Outfitters

Mini Cosy Boots — boohoo, £25

Ugg boots

Get a student discount at boohoo

Where to buy Ugg Tasman dupes

The Ugg Tasman and Tazz slippers are exactly that, slippers. However, thanks to TikTok people are wearing them outside due to their comfort and thick soles making them suitable for outside use. T

his style has been super popular over the last year meaning that it’s really easy to find dupes online if you’d rather not buy the real thing or if they’re sold out in your size.

Nala Tan Faux Suede Embroidered Slipper Platform Boots — Public Desire, £26.99

Ugg tasmans

Get a student discount at Public Desire

Catch-up Aztec Detail Faux Fur Lining Flat Slipper in Chestnut Brown Faux Suede — EGO, £19

Get a student discount at EGO

Embroidered Cosy Slip-On Mules — boohoo, £20

ugg tasman

Get a student discount at boohoo

Where to buy platform Ugg dupes

Just when Uggs couldn’t get any cooler, platform Ugg boots were released for autumn/winter 2022 and TikTok went crazy for them.

Platform Ugg boots are extremely hard to get your hands on as they’re so popular, but luckily these Ugg dupes are affordable, cosy and comfortable to keep you bang on trend on a budget.

Phoebe Chestnut Ankle Boots — Missy Empire, £32

platform ugg boots

Get a student discount at Missy Empire

Ultra Mini Platform Cosy Boots — boohoo, £30

platform ugg boots

Get a student discount at boohoo

Pumpkin Platform Sole Faux Fur Lining Ultra Mini Ankle Boot in Brown Faux Suede — EGO, £32

platform boots

Get a student discount at EGO

How to clean Ugg boots

Cleaning Ugg boots can be difficult as the suede material can get easily ruined by rain or mud, making them fairly impractical shoes. The beauty of Ugg dupes is that you’re not spending a fortune on the real thing, so if you do ruin your Uggs you can either buy another pair for super cheap and not stress about ruining them.

However, if you do have real Uggs or want to clean your dupes if they’re made out of suede you should buy a suede protector. You should also get a suede brush to help keep your Uggs looking brand new even after years of wear. You can buy Ugg cleaning kits online to help you take good care of your shoes throughout winter.

Just be warned, Uggs can be considered one of the biggest icks for guys, so if you think a new pair of Ugg boots will get the thumbs up from your other-half, think again (although who actually cares what they think, am I right?).

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