We’ve Got Sustainable Dupes For SHEIN’S Most Popular Items

Step away from SHEIN and try these sustainable alternatives instead this summer!

The rise in popularity of SHEIN boomed during lockdown when people were mass online shopping out of boredom, but since then public opinion has changed and many people are actively against supporting the brand.

SHEIN does offer cheap, somewhat size-inclusive and trendy clothes that buy into TikTok microtrends and trending Pinterest fashion so it’s easy to see why so many people love it. While we’re in a cost of living crisis shopping sustainably can be difficult, especially when it comes to catering to different body types, however, with some research, it can be possible.

Of course, Vinted is a great way to actually buy from SHEIN on a budget without giving your money directly to the company and many charity shops will also have plenty of SHEIN items on the rails too. However, if you’re super tempted by some of the stuff SHEIN sells and want to invest a bit of money into your long-term wardrobe we’ve found sustainable dupes of some of SHEIN’S most popular pieces from independent and small businesses in the UK.

SHEIN dupes for festivals

Edgy Jayd is a two-person sustainable business for festival wear based in the UK, where everything is made to order and pretty much fully customisable. From providing custom measurements to choosing the fabrics, styles and lengths of the pieces so you’ll be able to create unique and affordable festival looks for summer.

SHEIN Icon 90s Marble Print O-Ring Detail Halter Top & Bodycon Skirt

Dupe- EDGY JAYD Tropical Blast Ruched Mini Skirt (£38) & Tropical Blast Bandeau (£20)

SHEIN BAE Allover Print Mesh Top & Ruched Skirt Set

Dupe- EDGY JAYD Midnight Magic A-Line Mini Skirt (£38), Bandeau (£20) & Flared Sleeves (£27)

SHEIN Marble Print Cut Out Lace Up Side Bodycon Dress

Dupe- EDGY JAYD Hot N’ Cold Bodycon Dress (£50)

SHEIN dupes for Cottagecore fashion

Dreaming Of Ivy is a one-person made-to-order sustainable brand for all the Cottagecore fashion of your dreams. From floaty summer dresses to elegant blouses and skirt sets, you can choose your fabric and customise the length, sleeve length and other certain details to get dreamy summer clothes made perfectly for you.

SHEIN Floral Print Tie Front Frill Trim Tee

Dupe- Dreaming Of Ivy Cottagecore Daily Blouse (from £44)

SHEIN Frency Frill Trim Knot Front Flounce Sleeve Crop Top

Dupe- Dreaming Of Ivy Soft Elegant Blouse (from £46)

SHEIN VCAY Ditsy Floral Sweetheart Neck Tie Front Split Thigh Dress

Dupe- Dreaming Of Ivy Soft Milkmaid Dress (from £88)

SHEIN dupes for bright colours and fun patterns

Lucy & Yak is a sustainable brand that’s known for its vibrant, fun and comfortable clothing. Arguably the biggest brand on this list, Lucy & Yak actually have a few stores across the UK and offer a Re:Yak Buyback scheme where you can return your old clothes in exchange for a voucher, to encourage recycling and clothing circulation. Using deadstock fabric and recycled and organic clothing, Lucy & Yak is leading the way for sustainable businesses and best of all? You can get a student discount at Lucy & Yak by using your Student Beans account!

SHEIN Checker Crop Tank Top

Dupe- Lucy & Yak Greta Top Checkers (£22)

SHEIN MOD Floral Print Flare Leg Trousers

Dupe- Lucy & Yak Jody Trousers Silas Swirl (£48)

SHEIN Plus Striped Lettuce Trim Button Front Tee

Dupe- Lucy & Yak Maya Top Orange & Pink Stripe £28

SHEIN dupes for everyday dressing

Hissy Fit is a small sustainable clothing brand where everything is made from deadstock fabrics in their UK factory. Not only is there a huge selection of clothing for all occasions, but it’s also super affordable for a slow fashion brand, nothing they make costs more than £40! You’ll also see regular sales, launches and reclaimed vintage items on the website too. Not to mention the sizing runs from 2XS-6XL so there’s something for everyone.

SHEIN VACY Allover Floral Knot Split Thigh A-line Dress

Dupe- Hissy Fit Blue Watercolour Split Maxi Dress (£32)

SHEIN Solid Contrast Sheer Mesh Hem Cami Dress

Dupe- Hissy Fit Reclaimed White Lace Split Dress (£38)

SHEIN Modely Gingham Pencil Skirt

Dupe- Hissy Fit Gingham Mid Rise Maxi Skirt (£28)

Hopefully, this has inspired you to choose slow fashion and explore smaller businesses, because they exist and you can still dress in fashionable pieces while being sustainable. Of course, if you’re on a budget you can always double-check these brands on Vinted and shop second-hand too!

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