We Asked Students What They’d Spend The £100 Million Coronation Budget On–– Here’s What They Said

Are better things to spend £100 million on?

The coronation of King Charles III is this weekend and if you haven’t heard it’s cost an estimated £100 million to put together. Of course, many people have lots of opinions on this as this is paid from taxpayers’ money.

Whether you love or hate the Royal family I think we can all agree that £100 million is an insane amount to spend on one day. We decided to ask our followers over on Instagram what they would spend £100 million on instead and they didn’t disappoint.

What would students spend £100 million on instead of the coronation?

66% of the people we asked had no idea that the coronation was costing £100 million and as such, here’s what everyone said they’d much rather put the money towards.

On their futures

Well, if you had £100 million who wouldn’t want to spend it on their future? You could definitely take a few nice holidays and buy a few cars with that.

Here’s what our followers would spend the money on when it comes to the important things in life.

“My first house and then put the rest into my savings account”

“I’d pay off student loans”

“I’d buy a nice house with land, get some houseplants, rescue lots of dogs and plant a beautiful garden”

“House renovation and a trip to Hawaii”

“A house and start a business as well as some travelling”

“My dream home”

“A car, a house and Disneyland”

“Holidays and cars and houses”

“Travelling the world”

“A house, a car, my degree, houses for my family, some holidays and savings”

To help society

A lot of the common responses from our followers were to help wider society and funnel the money into underfunded mental health services as well as the NHS and tackling poverty in the UK and beyond.

“Towards childhood poverty”

“Towards the NHS”

“Mental health services”

“Educational support or improving healthcare”

“To end world hunger or homelessness”

“Food banks”

To help their friends and family

A lot of our followers showed their selflessness and said they’d want to help their friends and family out by paying off bills and debt or buying their parents a home. Just think, if you had a spare £100 million your whole family would be set for life!

“Making sure my friends and family don’t have to worry about money ever again”

“I’d give it out to friends and family”

“Charity and a house for my mum”

“To pay my parent’s mortgage and then use it to pay off student loans and keep the rest for fun”

“Paying off my families bills”

The funny ones

Of course, some of our followers had some funnier answers when it comes to spending £100 million. Let’s not forget £100 million is a huge amount of money and it could go a long way when it comes to treating yourself to some of life’s greatest indulgences.

“Elf bars”

“Probably a tube of Pringles to start with”

“I would buy an island”

“Garlic bread and chicken nuggets”


Now, while there were certainly some entertaining answers (how many elf bars you could buy with £100 million?) it seems like a lot of students truly would just like to either help others or get a head start in life.

While there’s certainly humour in imaging being able to buy endless chicken nuggets or Elf Bars if you were a millionaire, on the flip side it says a lot that most students are just worried about being able to own a house one day or wanting to pay off their parents’ debt or bills. Our most common responses were either students wishing to buy a house or to help the NHS, which says a lot about the reality of being young in 2023.

Regardless of what you’d do with £100 million, I think we can all agree that is a huge amount of money and as highlighted by some of these responses that mention the NHS, poverty and mental health services it could probably be put towards better use.