Want To Live Your Dream Life After Graduation? These Degrees Produce The Happiest Grads

If your course is on this list your future looks bright.

Alright, so last week we let you know which uni degrees produce the most miserable grads and naturally you wanted to know which degrees actually produce happy graduates.

Of course, as nice as it would be to just pick any course, mess around for a bit, have fun for 3 years and waltz into the real world to secure a high-paying job it’s not actually that easy. Fortunately, for a few courses, it is actually much easier to land those well-paying grad jobs and if your goal after uni is to move into a London flat and NOT houseshare you could be in luck.

If you’ve chosen any of the following degrees, research from PwC which analysed data from over 84,000 UK graduates in the last 10 years to determine life satisfaction after uni proves that you could be living the good life after uni.


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Which degrees produce the happiest graduates?

The following degrees were the lowest ranked on satisfaction post-university using the following scale: 0= Not satisfied, 10= totally satisfied

  1. Celtic Arts
  2. Sports Science
  3. Medicine and Dentistry
  4. Pharmacology
  5. Education
  6. Medical Sciences
  7. Veterinary Science
  8. Nursing
  9. Allied Health
  10. Agriculture and Food

Uhh does anyone know what Celtic Arts is? Either way, it turns out that they’re the happiest graduates, so clearly they’re winning in life. Unsurprisingly Sports Science and Medicine and Dentistry also produce happy graduates which could be due to them landing jobs they genuinely love or are passionate about or setting themselves up for a promising future 10 years after they graduate. For all of us humanities and arts students we’ll see ourselves out.