These Tricks Will Save You Hundreds A Year On Your Supermarket Shop

You may have been doing your shop all wrong. Here’s how to save money on your next food shop.

There’s a lot of talk about how prices are going up, from energy bills to supermarket goods.

Naturally, this got us thinking about how we can cut costs. One way is by how we go about our food shop.

If you want to slash your food shop by hundreds of pounds a year, then you may want to read on to find out how.

How to save hundreds of £££ on your food shop

Opt for baskets only

Using a basket makes us want to focus on the essentials we need. So ditch the trolley and the temptation to ‘get a few extras’ and instead focus on filling a small basket only.

Not sure what to get? Check out our essential food shop list for cheap living.

Shop lower down for bargains

Ever noticed how own-brand items are always on the lower shelves? That’s because supermarkets place the mid-premium stuff at eye-level and up.

Look down at the lower shelves of the aisles to find some sweet deals on the products you’d otherwise get branded.

Find the eggs asap

Ever find it hard to locate the eggs in a supermarket? There’s actually a reason for it.

Supermarkets often place them towards the back of the shop to make you walk around more. Which in turn makes you pick up more items. Clever, right?

But you’re clued up now, so head straight for the eggs and don’t fall for this trap.

Look for yellow stickers

Most major supermarkets like Tesco, Morrison’s, and Sainsbury’s use yellow stickers on their reduced items. The same is said about red ones in shops like Aldi and Lidl.

They’re often found in a section of an aisle close together and it means you can save a pretty penny on items that would otherwise be quite expensive.

Opt into loyalty schemes

Think Tesco Clubcards. They help you rack up points every time you shop to get money off your entire bill or specific items. They don’t cost anything to sign up for, so you have nothing to lose.

Use food waste apps

Food waste is a real problem. We chuck out products we think might be going out of date, or notice restaurants chuck out perfectly good food.

Apps like Too Good To Go lets you see what food is up for grabs at a heavily discounted price. If you’re worried about how much food you waste personally, then download Kitche to get reminded of which food items in your fridge will go off.

And there you have it. Follow those tips to slash your food costs and let us know of any more supermarket tips to help a fellow student out too!

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