Thin 90s Eyebrows Are Back — Everything You Need To Get 90s Eyebrows

Here’s how to get the 90s eyebrow look the right way.

Whether you like it or not, thin eyebrows from the 90s are official back in. And to be honest, we’re kind of onboard.

But before you grab your tweezers, you’ll want to do your research and make sure you’re getting thin brows the right way. Plucking that one extra hair may be the difference between a good or a bad look, so we’ve got you covered, along with some products to help you too.

No idea what we’re talking about? You can’t have missed celebrities like Bella Hadid rocking the look lately. But we must say, the 90s brow look in 2022 is a lot more ‘sculpted’ than it is thin. See for yourself:

So yeah, they’re not ultra thin, but they’re not thick either. They have a way of enhancing her natural face shape with a subtle lift.

Want to achieve 90s eyebrows? Read on.

How to achieve thin 90s eyebrows

Here’s a step-by-step guide on getting those 90s thin eyebrows.

1. Set the shape of your brows

You’ll need to do something before grabbing the tweezers.

Grab your trusty eyebrow gel and set the hairs in place how you want them. This will help define the thin eyebrow look before you get to refining the overall shape and tweezing away the stray hairs.

Set the hairs horizontally here too, we’re not trying to do a thin bushy brow because that simply wouldn’t make sense!

2. Fill them in

Use a pomade or brow pen to add some microstrokes. This is great if your eyebrows are ultra thin but need some more shape (thanks teenage me for over-tweezing!).

Use the corner of your pupil to define where your arch is (if you have one) too. This will add a little more shape if a straight-up line just isn’t cuttting it (we aren’t after perfection here). Follow this TikTok to see what we mean:

3. Now tweeze

You’ll want to snatch any strays around your set eyebrow shape with a good pair of tweezers. It’s important to have the shape set before going in so you can get a better idea of how the eyebrows will look in their place.

4. Refine with concealer

Using a concealer around the eyebrows adds definition to them. It’ll also help shape any arches you may have too.

Pick a concealer that matches your skin tone, apply it then bend around the eyebrow shape to diffuse any harsh lines caused by setting the brows.

If you really want to make your eyebrows pop, you can even go in with a highlighter on the brow bone too.

Best products for thin eyebrows 90s

We’ve got a ton of beauty dupes to recommend below for some serious eyebrow game. Some of them are on sale too!

1. NYX Lift and Snatch Brow Tint Pen — £11


The Lift and Snatch Brow Tint Pen is a favourite among those after cheaper alternatives of Glossier or REFY. Add light strokes to your brows witch a quick few flicks of the pen for a natural look.

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2. Sample Beauty Ultra Hold Brow Gel — £2.95

brow gel.png

Yep, this gel really is under £3 thanks to its 40% off sale! Grab it while you can to get maximum hold on your thin 90s brows for less.

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3. NARS Mini Radiant Creamy Concealer — £13


This NARS concealer comes in tons of shades which we love. Plus, for £13, you’re gonna get long-lasting wear and amazing coverage when defining your brow shape. It’s an absolute steal if you ask us.

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Think you’ll hop on the 90s thin brows bandwagon? We’re sort of tempted ourselves! Tag Student Beans in your final look for a cheeky reshare on our socials.

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