These Are The Most Sought After Degrees By Employers

Ever wondered what degree is most likely to land you a job straight after graduation?

When applying to uni, while it’s best to choose a degree in a subject that you enjoy and are good at it’s always worth considering the employability of it too.

Going to uni isn’t cheap, so it’s definitely important to consider the full picture and life after graduation before you’ve even applied for uni. For many graduates, it can be really hard to find a job after they’ve finished uni due to the competitiveness in the job market and the lack of jobs due to the pandemic.

Often this can mean having to settle for a job that wouldn’t be their first choice, or having to take up part-time work while trying to find the perfect grad job, neither of which are an ideal situation to be in.

If you’re applying to university, while you should always choose a subject you enjoy it’s also helpful to know what subjects are most sought after by employers and what is most likely to land you the perfect grad job.

1. Engineering

2. Business

3. Management

4. Design

5. Marketing

6. Computer science

7. Construction

8. Computer engineering

9. Software engineering

10. Finance

11. Care

12. Accounting

13. Law

14. Systems engineering

15. Data science

You can find out more and check the rest of the list over at where they’ve conducted more research into this.

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