These Are All The Places You’ll Find The Cheapest Pints In The UK

Want to know where in the country to avoid getting a pint?

It’s no secret that when it comes to the pub, you can expect to pay a whole lot more in certain areas of the country. It’s bad news for students living in or around London, but it’s not all bad news as new research has shown where you can get the cheapest pints in the UK, so you can add these locations to your travel bucket list.

Comparison site Finder has compiled a list of where you can find the cheapest beers in the UK and how much the average pint will cost you, so it’s good news if you live in any of these locations!

Cheapest places in the UK to grab a pint

  1. Derby- £3
  2. Inverness- £3
  3. Kingston upon Hull- £3.32
  4. Perth- £3.46
  5. Gloucester- £3.50
  6. Peterborough- £3.50
  7. Leicester- £3.63
  8. Swansea- £3.65
  9. Aberdeen- £3.67
  10. Preston- £3.69
  11. Aberystwyth- £3.70
  12. Northampton- £3.74
  13. Coventry- £3.78
  14. Leeds- £3.79
  15. Plymouth- £3.84
  16. Newcastle upon Tyne- £3.88
  17. Southend-on-Sea- £3.91
  18. Reading- £3.99
  19. Exeter- £4.00
  20. Ipswich- £4.00

So, if you live or study in Derby or Inverness you can proudly boast that you live where you can get the cheapest pint in the UK!

Luckily, we have plenty of food and drinks student discounts that you can enjoy and redeem at bars and restaurants across the UK, so if you do live in a city where the cost of a pint is super expensive at least you can save some money in some ways.

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