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6 Places To Find Inclusive Jobs For Students

Give yourself the best chance of finding a job with an employer that truly values diversity and inclusion.

Seeking out entry-level jobs with inclusive companies can be tricky. How can you know which ones are truly living and breathing diversity and inclusion?

According to one survey with more than 3000 responses from students from underrepresented groups, 70.7% of students want to see diversity and inclusion as a high priority for employers.

However, knowing where to find these progressive businesses can be a barrier. One shortcut can be to find online ‘diversity networks’ or ‘diversity communities’ (more on that here) and looking at their job boards. Not only is this a good sign that an employer is going out of their way to welcome diverse candidates – but you may also be able to hear directly from employees with the same background as you to get their take on the company.

Here are some of our top places to find jobs with inclusive employers:


Elpha is a professional network dedicated to helping women (and NB people) succeed at work together. When you become a member of Elpha you get access to daily conversations with industry experts, insider job opportunities at big tech companies and startups, and a lot of women and NB people talking candidly about work and life and everything in between.

Visit the Elpha job board here.


Triangirls is a community of women and non-binary people working in tech-related roles. They host panels, workshops, and fireside chats covering topics such as imposter syndrome, confidence and public speaking, pay negotiation and leadership. 

Visit the Triangirls job board here.

Black Young Professionals Network

Black Young Professionals Network (BYP) exists to bring a talented yet marginalised community together to support one another and grow together. Helping them connect all over the world is their way of bridging the divisions that exist internally and externally of the black community. Plus, they have an awesome job board!

Check out the BYP Network job board here.

MyPlus Students’ Club

MyPlus Students’ Club provides students with disabilities with the advice and support they need to navigate the recruitment process and achieve their career potential.

Check out MyPlus Students’ Club job board here.

Stonewall Proud Employers

Proud Employers is the only place where inclusive workplaces can advertise to LGBTQ+ jobseekers at the same time as supporting Stonewall’s work. They help candidates find roles with organisations who believe in the power of a workplace that truly welcomes, respects and represents LGBTQ+ employees.

Take a look at the Stonewall Proud Employers job board here.


Meet Eric is a specific jobs platform for diverse students interested in breaking into the creative industries. To access it, you’ll need to download the app but you’ll then have access to career guides, relevant courses and work experience opportunities as well as their jobs board.

Find out more here.

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