The Top 10 Most Haunted UK Universities This Halloween

Halloween is here and these are officially the spookiest unis in the UK.

Every uni has one building that’s 100% haunted. If you’ve heard creepy noises in the night or are convinced there’s a ghost living in your halls, you might be surprised to know that some unis are definitely more haunted than others.

New research from The Knowledge Academy has revealed the most haunted UK unis based on reported ghost sightings, paranormal activity and nearby graveyards and ranked them on their spookiness. If you’re scared of the dark or creepy noises at night, you might not want to read ahead because there might very well be a ghost living on your campus.


👻 They say that York has secured the top spot for being one of the most haunted cities in the world, with its dark history of torture, 500 recorded hautings, and ghost stories in the thousands, which has led to it sometimes being called the ‘City of 1000 Ghosts’. #york #city #yorkuk #haunted #hauntings #ghost #ghosts #ghostsofyork #ghoststories #ghosttok

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The 10 most haunted unis in the UK

1. Joint place- The University of Liverpool and The University of Bath

Spooky score: 8.28/10

2. Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln

Spooky score: 8.15/10

3. The University of Kent

Spooky score: 8/10

4. The University of York

Spooky score: 7.97/10

5. The University of Exeter

Spooky score: 7.84/10

6. Liverpool John Moores University

Spooky score: 7.69/10

7. Queen’s University Belfast

Spooky score: 7.64/10

8. The University of Strathclyde

Spooky score: 7.56/10

9. Oxford Brookes University

Spooky score: 7.51/10

10. The University of Leeds

Spooky score: 7.30/10

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So, if you go to any of these unis you might want to avoid the old buildings at night time or you might bump into a ghost.