We've Found The Perfect Playlist For Every Moment Of Your Uni Life
We've Found The Perfect Playlist For Every Moment Of Your Uni Life

We’ve Found The Perfect Playlist For Every Moment Of Your Uni Life

If you’re looking for the perfect playlist, we’ve got it covered.

Let’s face it, life is so much better with a soundtrack. There are two types of people when it comes to listening to music, those who love creating playlists and spend hours curating and organising them and those who well, don’t have the time for that and will stick on and enjoy someone else’s playlist. If you’re the latter and you just want the perfect playlists for going out, going to the gym, studying, sleeping or being productive we’ve found the perfect playlists to see you through every day!

Plus, students can get 6 months of Apple Music FREE (or other smart add-ons!) when choosing selected EE plans which means that you can enjoy these playlists entirely for free, which just makes it 10x better.

Here are the playlists you need to save and add to your library:

Gym playlist

If you’re working out you’re going to want to listen to something that’s upbeat and motivating. This playlist is full of upbeat and feel-good hits that will make you feel like you can get anything done and completely smash your workout.

Pre-drinks playlist

The key to a good pre-drinks? A good playlist of course. If you want to get in the mood for the club, bar or house party you’re headed out to simply pop on this playlist for good vibes all night long, with all the latest and classic dance hits to get you ready for a fun night out.

Chill playlist

Everyone needs some me time. If you like to spend your alone time in your room listening to music then this is the playlist for you. It’s updated regularly, so you’ll be able to find new and old songs that you love to help you relax and chill out when you get some free time during your busy uni schedule.

Studying playlist

Some people find that listening to music can be helpful when studying while others prefer to sit in silence without the distraction. If you find that listening to music is helpful, this study session playlist will help you to focus and concentrate on your work.

Productive playlist

If you find it hard to feel motivated to be productive, there’s a playlist for that too. Whether you’re cooking, cleaning, organising or ticking off things on your to-do list, if you need a productivity boost stick this playlist on to make it 10x easier.

Sleep playlist

Some people find it tricky to fall asleep in complete silence. If you need to have some background noise on to help you doze off, this playlist is full of peaceful and relaxing songs and sleep sounds to help you have a peaceful sleep all night long.

Sad playlist

We all need a good cry sometimes. Whatever’s getting you down, sometimes listening to sad music alone in your room and getting the tissues out is the therapy you need. Trust us, a good cry can do wonders.

Ready for freshers’ week playlist

If you’re super hyped for freshers’ week this is the playlist to stick on while you’re getting ready to go out. It’s regularly updated with all the hottest songs right now that you’ll be sure to hear out in the club so you can practice getting the words right.

Don’t forget that you can get 6 months of Apple Music entirely FREE when you buy selected phone plans with EE. Plus, if that wasn’t enough you can also get a 20% student discount at EE too, so you can save on your new phone and enjoy endless playlists at no cost!