women shopping for vegetables and fruit
women shopping for vegetables and fruit

Supermarkets Reveal Exactly When They Reduce Food Prices To Save You £££

Here’s when major supermarkets release their yellow sticker food, plus ways you can save, too.

If you’re a savvy shopper, you’ll know all about yellow (and sometimes red) sticker priced food items. You’ll quickly meander to the “whoopsie” aisles to bag yourself a bargain meal, and who can blame you? It certainly keeps costs down.

Before we get stuck in, how handy are you in the kitchen? Brush up on the basics with our 5 cooking skills first:

So, what are these magical yellow and red stickers? If you have no idea what we’re on about, TikTok creator @thismumcooks got all of these yellow sticker food items for a fiver…

While there’s no set time yellow sticker items are made available, we figured out the various windows of time to get items like sandwiches, meal deals, desserts and even fresh produce. Read on to find out where you can get discounted food for less.

What is the best time to get yellow sticker items?

Every supermarket displays its yellow sticker items at slightly different times.

To get a good idea, here’s when the UK’s major supermarket release their yellow sticker items.

  • Asda – 7 p.m. and onwards
  • Morrisons – 6 p.m. and onwards
  • Tesco – 6 p.m. and onwards
  • Sainsbury’s – 6 p.m. and onwards
  • Aldi – 8 a.m. (when the stores open)
  • Lidl – 8 a.m. (when the stores open)
  • M&S – 30 minutes before stores close

Where can I find yellow sticker food?

Every supermarket has its own area for yellow sticker food. They’re usually in fridges as they need eating within the next day, and dry/cupboard foods can be found on most cupboard food aisles, or near the checkout.

How to get the best out of your weekly food shop and save

You need to find out where the aisles are in your local supermarket so you can dash to them when they start releasing yellow ticket items.

Another thing to note is after major events like the FA Cup Final and Platinum Jubilee (and even Christmas, New Years, and Easter), make a note and visit your local supermarket either at the end of the day, or the morning after. You’re likely to find product lines of past events, such as festive chocolates or Easter eggs that’ll be super cheap to buy.

How else can I save on my food shop?

We work exclusively with many food brands to give you the best food deals. One of these is called Getir. Our Getir student discount gives you 30% off your first order, meaning you can get a full food shop delivered to you at a discounted price.

I don’t have time to get yellow ticket items, what should I do?

You may want to consider using HelloFresh and getting your meal ingredients delivered to you. Our HelloFresh student discount gives you 50% off your first recipe box, plus 30% off the next 3 boxes you order. Absolute bargain if you ask us!

We hope this has helped you plan out your next food shop. Bookmark this page to refer back to yellow sticker food item release times in supermarkets, and keep abreast of our student food discounts too.