This Supermarket’s Giving Away Free Food To Shoppers To Reduce Food Waste

Iceland’s Free on Last Day of Life†initiative is great news if you’re a regular shopper

You may already know about student food discounts thanks to us. But Iceland has taken things up a notch by offering online shoppers the chance to have the price of selected groceries reimbursed if they’re close to their sell-by date.

And no, it’s not limited to certain items either. You could save on fresh produce, bread, cupboard food, and much more.

How do I get free food from Iceland?

The price of your end-of-life food will automatically come off your food shop. You’ll also get a notification of which items these are before delivery.

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Why is Iceland giving out free food?

According to a study by wrap, the UK wastes the equivalent of 15 billion edible meals per year.

Iceland trialled this very initiative and it was so successful that it’s now rolling out across the country. This is in aid to limiting food waste, a growing issue affecting the world’s resources.

In fact, they believe the ‘Free on Last Day of Life’ initiative has the potential to give out over 1.3 million items of produce worth £500,000 a year to their customers. So it’s great for the environment as well as your bank balance.

Can I save money buying from Iceland?

Over time, you could save an average of £1.58 on each online shop. Whilst this might not sound like much, this could be about £80 in savings for the year.

If Iceland is your go-to for an online food shop, then why not save even more by getting £6 off a £50 spend? Stay in the loop with Iceland offers from Student Beans and save!

How can I reduce food waste?

Reducing food waste saves the planet and your cash too. Here are a bunch of ways you can reduce your own food waste:

Freeze your food

There are tons of food items you probably didn’t know you could freeze. Such as:

  • Cooked pasta and rice

  • Eggs (cracked into small containers)

  • Butter

  • Grated cheese

  • Peeled bananas

  • Bread

  • All kinds of herbs

  • Meat and vegetable stock

  • Cooked and raw meat

Shop smart

Do you really need to bulk buy? Save your cash and potential waste by shopping only for the items you genuinely need.

Clear out your fridge before a big shop

It’s easy to assume you don’t have an item because you can’t see it. But it’s probably tucked away behind the many condiment jars you have in your fridge. Give it a tidy to see precisely what’s missing.

We’re always on the lookout for supermarket deals that’ll help you save as a student. Keep an eye out for more food and drink deals like this on the Student Beans blog and Instagram page. And if you’re really struggling for cheap meal ideas – check out our 10 tasty recipes under £10 before your food shop!