This Is The Tech You Never Knew You Needed For Uni

How can you make studying as straightforward as possible? With some great tech and gadgets, that’s how.

While you’ll already have the obvious tech, such as laptops and a phone, there’s also some unexpected items that can make your uni experience easier and a whole lot more fun too.

Get ready to read about gadgets you never knew even existed and why they’re worth dipping into your student loan for too.

Check out our definitive list of student tech you never knew you needed below…

1. Noise cancelling headphones

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Don’t let noisy neighbours keep you from achieving top grades. Instead, fill your head with calming study music, or your favourite podcast series. You might want to invest in a wireless pair if you’re always on the move and nowadays, there’s a set for every style and function.

2. Portable speakers

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Whether you’re heading to the park to enjoy some sunshine, or hosting the house party of the semester, you need a good set of speakers that you can take with you wherever you go.

From speakers small enough to fit in your pocket to a system that can take a splash by the pool, there’s something for every budget. You could even go for a smart speaker if you want something to help you with your revision too.

3. Digital notebook

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Put the pen and paper down and have your written notes and drawings upload directly to your computer. Digital notebooks are the ultimate gadget for when typing up your notes just won’t cut it.

Drawing diagrams for your architecture course, or just prefer the feeling of writing but don’t want the reams of paper lying around? A digital notebook is the answer to your prayers.

4. External hard drive

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It happens to someone you know every year. Laptops get stolen or break and then the coursework and notes that you spent months on is gone in an instant. You thought you’d saved it to the cloud but it mysteriously disappeared. Nightmare.

Investing in an external hard drive is the easiest way to keep those masterpieces safe. Simply back up your computer to the hard drive and you can keep a copy of all the most important docs on your desktop.

5. Tech bag

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A good rucksack is a necessity for those treks to lectures and long days in the library. So, what if your rucksack could be so much more than a laptop? These backpacks are built to carry your tech and everything else you might need and come with some smart features of their own too.

With USB charging ports, locked and hidden pockets for your valuables, your belongings are secure wherever you go.

6. Wifi range extender

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Been banished to the attic room about as far away from the router as you can get? A wifi range extender means you won’t have to trek to the library for decent wifi, or sit in the kitchen while your housemates distract you.

Simply plug in the extender between your internet dead zone and the router and you’ll finally be able to watch Netflix buffer-free from your bed.

7. Portable phone charger


Portable phone chargers can be a lifesaver in lectures or long library stints when you’re sat far away from a power socket. They’re also super handy for those long afternoons in the park when you want to keep your battery going to stream those summer tunes.

These pocket-sized power banks can usually charge a phone to 100% a couple of times, so it’ll come in handy for festival season, or that interrailing trip too.

8. E-reader


Swap hefty textbooks for a small, lightweight e-reader that can store hundreds of books. Perforect for English students who have far too many novels to get through, a little e-reader could actually end up saving you money in the long run too.

You can often pick up older books for free, or pay far less than you would for the paper copy too. Don’t think you can’t annotate pages too — most have the option to highlight and leave notes alongside the text.

9. Sunrise alarm

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Those winter morning lectures are almost impossible to get out of bed for, we get it. Get your mind in gear and wake up refreshed with a sunrise alarm clock to make those mornings less miserable.

With the light designed to slowly rouse you from your slumber, it’s far a far more relaxing wake up call than your housemate yelling that you’re going to be late again if you don’t get up “RIGHT NOWâ€.

10. USB drink warmer

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Student hoses are notoriously cold (mostly because heating is really expensive), so hot drinks are a must. What’s worse than no hot drinks in the cold winter? Hot drinks that have gone cold.

These little plug-in heat pads cost a pittance and will make sure that those essential study cuppas will never go cold before you finish them.

11. RefME


Anyone else get confused trying to put together references for an essay? Well, not anymore. This app allows you to take a picture of the book’s barcode and puts together the citation for you.

Harvard, Chicago, MLA, whatever you need, the app can do.

12. OfficeLens


Ever tried to copy text down off the board but it’s wiped clean before you finish? This tool from Microsoft Office allows you to take a picture of the board and convert it into editable text that you can then add into your notes.

In fact, why take any notes when you can take pictures?

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