Student Sobriety Methodology

Student Beans surveyed 2,105 16-24 year olds in July 2022.

  • 33% of uni students never drink. 33% of 2.4 million students = 792,000

Current uni students only: Do you drink alcohol?

  • No – 33%

Gender Breakdown of non-drinkers

  • Female – 33.29%
  • Male – 36.15%
  • Non-Binary – 24.49%

Current uni students only: Do you think alcohol misuse is normalised at university?

  • Yes, I think excessive drinking is too normalised – 79%

To uni students who don’t drink alcohol: How does being sober at university make you feel?

  • I feel empowered by my decision – 32%
  • It doesn’t feel like there’s much to do that doesn’t involve drinking – 23%
  • I feel isolated from those who drink – 14%
  • It’s difficult to make friends – 11%

Student Beans surveyed 3,070 16-24 year olds in September 2021.

  • 27% of uni students never drink. 27% of 2.4 million students = 648000


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