person with phone sat down on rocky hill
person with phone sat down on rocky hill

Here are 3 Ways You Can Save On Your Phone Bill & Get Freebies

Costs are rising. Here’s how to save on your phone bills and get freebies too.

We’re all been looking at ways to save money here and there, especially with the rise in cost of living in the UK.

One of those ways is to look at deals on phone and SIM contracts. It’s always worth digging for a cheaper deal, but sometimes this process can be quite long and daunting.

Fortunately, we’ve gathered them in one place and even mentioned a few more perks you get when you sign up to these networks. Read on to see which networks can help you save on your phone bill.


EE is a great network to join as users can get 12 or 24 month contracts with a SIM only deal. Plus, you can get 5G if your area of living allows for it.

Another benefit is you can share data with friends and family. So EE could be the network for you if you want those around you to benefit.

How much does it cost? 

The cost of your EE package does depends on the amount of data you need, but you can save money by getting a SIM only deal for 24 months. The cheapest option is £14 for 1GB of data, and the most expensive is £35 for unlimited data.

If you just want 12 months, the cheapest deal would be £13 for just 250MB of data, and the most expensive is £37 for unlimited data. 

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iD Mobile

iD Mobile promises tons of benefits if you switch, such as data rollover (we all know how useful this can be), roaming in 50 destinations and supposedly, they offer the UK’s fastest 5G network which is powered by Three mobile.

How much does it cost?

Their 24 month is just £16 for unlimited calls, texts and 5GB data. Absolute bargain!

They’re also known for their monthly packages. They vary in data allowances from 8GB all the way up to unlimited GB from between £7 and £18 per month.

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One of the benefits of joining VOXI is they don’t eat into your data when you browse on certain social media apps. So even if you’re on a low data plan, you won’t be eating anywhere near as much data as you think.

How much does it cost?

While they don’t have anything on right this minute, it’s worth noting their cheapest package is £15 a month. This includes unlimited calls, texts, 15GB data, EU roaming, 5G and free social media browsing that won’t eat your data. Want unlimited data? Then it’s only £35 a month. Bargain!

Our exclusive deals may just be enough to sway you to join VOXI for the long-haul. There’s no contracts either, so you can leave at any time.

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